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Research Activities

Research in Progress

Open African Innovation Research (Open A.I.R.Project
The Access to Knowledge for Development Center (A2K4D) is the northern hub for the Open African Innovation Research Project.

A2K4D is participating with the following case studies:
-Copyright and Creativity in Revolutionary Times: The Case of Egypt and Tunisia 
-From Social Commons to Digital Commons: The Case of Egypt's Independent Music Industry
-Strategy for Green Energy Technologies Innovation in Egypt, How Patents and Trade Secrets Should be Used to Enhance Cleaner Energy Technologies Innovation in Egypt

For more information on the Open A.I.R. projectclick here.

Mobilization for Change: The role of the networked public sphere in advancing civic participation and collective action in the Arab region
In collaboration with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, in continuation from its Phase I stage, this project investigates the relative role of digital networks in fostering and enabling the Arab Spring. We utilize a mix of digital tools in addition to human interpretation and recollection to study the role of online and offline networks on digital activism and social movements in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab countries. An integral part of the research will be conducting on the ground surveys as well as interviews with specific stakeholders to capture the role of the networked public sphere in setting the agenda for revolutions and mobilization for democratic and social change. 

For more information on the Berkman Center, click here.

Global Censorship and Access to Knowledge: International Case Studies
The A2K4D team is co-editing and contributing to a book on global censorship in collaboration with its Access to Knowledge Global Academy partners. The book will incorporate chapters underscoring the different forms of censorship that are utilized today by political regimes. 
The book will also have chapters covering the United States, Syria, Brazil, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Burma and EgyptA2K4D's book chapter will focus on Egypt's experience with censorship, especially in regard to the communication outage during the 2011 revolution. The A2KGA plans to publish this book in December 2013.

Free and Open Source Software in the Arab World (FOSS Arab)
A2K4D team and several of its affiliates in the Arab region are working on a study of the ecosystem of the software industry in selected countries, with focus on the challenges that face FOSS in each country. The current phase of the research covers Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. The research will also revisit and update the study of OSS in Egypt, published in Access to Knowledge in Egypt: New Research on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development.

To learn more about the FOSS project, click here.

International Media Concentration
A2K4D is a member of a global research project on media concentration in 30 different countries in partnership with the Columbia Institute of Tele-information. The project aims to create a data-driven analysis of trends and drivers for 12 major media industries in each country, from the period of 1984 – 2008.  An integral part of the research is to collect first hand data on market shares for the different media sectors in Egypt. This will be complemented by field interviews so that a narrative that captures market concentration and diversity, on both the economic and political sphere can be created. 

For more information on the project, click here.

Freedom of Information
A2K4D in collaboration with Yale Law School’s Information Society Project (ISP) is initiating research on freedom of information and its litigation, which aims to draw on lessons learnt from the experience in the United States.

For a copy of the original Freedom of Information Draft Bill in Arabic, click here.  
For a copy of the Freedom of Information Draft Bill translated into English, click here

For more information on Yale Law School’s ISP, click here.