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Networks and Partnerships

A2K4D is proud to be an active partner in a number of global, regional and national research networks.

  • Access to Knowledge Global Academy (A2KGA)

A2K4D is a founding member of The Access to Knowledge Global Academy.  A2KGA is a collaborative network of academic and research centers in Brazil, China, Egypt, India, South Africa, and the United States with the purpose of building an international and interdisciplinary community of A2K researchers. The goals of the A2KGA are to promote access to knowledge as a framework for policy-making, to advance collaborative research that both responds to immediate, foster a long term positive vision, and develop a model curricula to educate students and policymakers.

 The expanding network includes:

 Duke Technology and Innovation Policy Lab, Durham, North Carolina, USA 


The Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore, India 



Information Society Project, Yale Law School, New Haven, Connecticut, USA


 Institute for Internet Policy and Law, Beijing Normal University, School of Law, Beijing, China


Institute for Technology & Society of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Intellectual Property Law and Policy Research Unit, Faculty of Law, University of Cape Town, South Africa



A2K4D is a participant in the interdisciplinary Global Network of Internet and Society Research        Centers (NoC). Championed by Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, NoC is a collaborative initiative among academic institutions with focus on interdisciplinary research on the development, social impact, policy implications and legal issues concerning the Internet. This cooperation aims to stimulate the creation of novel debates, engagements, and conversations regarding the most pressing questions about digital technologies and socioeconomic changes.


  • CopyrightX Affiliate Community

Through A2K4D, AUC is a member of the CopyrightX Affiliate Community. CopyrightX is a twelve-week networked course offered each spring semester under the auspices of Harvard Law School, the HarvardX distance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. The course explores the current law of copyright and the ongoing debates concerning how that law should be reformed. Through a combination of pre-recorded lectures, weekly seminars, live webcasts, and online discussions, course participants examine and assess ways in which law seeks to stimulate and regulate creative expression.  

A2K4D Director Dr. Nagla Rizk was invited by Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society to teach a satellite version of the CopyrightX Course. The course was first offered at AUC in Spring 2015 as a special topics course, then again in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. Rizk adapted the course to fit the Egyptian and African contexts. The AUC course engages Egyptian students in global issues and debates related to copyright and creativity, with an eye to the interests of developing countries and their position in these debates. Through an online chat platform, AUC students get to communicate with their peers at Harvard and other satellite courses all over the world. Students also receive guest speakers at AUC and follow guest lectures and events at Harvard and elsewhere via the course online platform. For passing the course, students receive a Harvard certificate.





A2K4D is North African hub of The Open African Innovation Research Network (Open AIR). The Network invests in pan-African research, networking, capacity building and policy engagement. The project’s central aim is to investigate how intellectual property regimes can be harnessed in Africa to facilitate innovation through collaboration. The project has four institutional hubs in Africa, and A2K4D is the base for its North African hub.


The Open AIR network includes:


The Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT), Strathmore Law School, Open AIR's East African Hub


The Center for Law, Technology, and Society, University of Ottawa

Intellectual Property Law Policy Research UnitUniversity of Cape Town, Open AIR's South African Hub


The Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS),  Open AIR’s West African Hub



  • Harnessing the Economic Power of Data in the Middle East and North Africa - “The Data Revolution” Network

Harnessing the Economic Power of Data in the Middle East and North Africa aims to explore the connections between development challenges, processes of data usability and production and entrepreneurship promotion and employment creation. It aims to examine the potential for new and innovative ways to collect, manage, and use data, with particular emphasis on how this data can then be used to tackle growing development challenges in the region. The project has four main objectives: 1) identifying opportunities to enhance the regulatory environment in order to foster effective production, management, and usability of data, 2) building the capacity of researchers studying the effectiveness and feasibility of innovative approaches to produce, manage, and use data, 3) building human and technical capacities related to data production, management and usability amongst policy makers, statistical agencies, NGOs, and youth, and, 4)  influencing data-related policy design and implementation in the region through effective dissemination of knowledge and lessons learned from the project, as well as through active engagement of key stakeholders.


Specifically, the ‘Data Revolution’ project focuses on the themes of solar energy and the environment, transport and urban planning, data science and data for development. All project partners have developed their relative lines of work, as inspired by the needs of their local context. 

Through collaboration with regional networks, the project highlights policies and regulations that govern data production and usability, develop and test innovative tools to improve data collection, management, and use, and introduce educational modules that focus on the specific skills needed to build capacities in the field. A2K4D’s regional project partners in this network are:


Center for Continuing Education, Birzeit University (BZU), Palestine



Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) Lab, Al Akhawayn University in lfrane (AUI), Morocco 

  •  Open Data for Development (OD4D) Node Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

The Open Data for Development (OD4D) program is a global network, bringing together local partners, to advance the production management and use of open data in development. The program looks to scale innovation, strengthen initiatives, and facilitate coordination between different actors and projects working in open data. The OD4D network was created in partnership between Global Affairs Canada, The World Bank, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) (through the INASSA program), and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), supporting several nodes around the world. 


The OD4D network includes:



Visualizing Impact


Knowledge to Policy Center at the American University of Beirut


Innova Tunisia







In addition to the above, A2K4D has developed an on-going partnership with institutions from North Africa and the United States within its recent research project on “The Role of the Networked Public Sphere (NPS) in Advancing Civic Participation and Collective Action in the Arab Region; for short ‘Mobilization for Change.’” Partners have worked together over the past four years to better understand the role of the NPS in civic engagement in the Arab region and to build the capacity of researchers and collaborators working on the subject. Throughout the past year, partners have finalized research outputs and engaged in a variety of dissemination activities, including launching dissemination website where final research outputs can be found:

The project's institutional nodes are:

Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA



Arab Policy Institute (API), Tunisia



Innova Tunisia, Tunisia


The Regional Hub for InsideOut Group (Italy)


In addition to partnerships with individuals from academia, A2K4D collaborates with civil society and media in Egypt. A2K4D director sits on the board of the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE), and Mushtarak community space for techies and activists to collaborate in various capacities in the area of new technologies and social change. Moroever, the Center has partnered with the following organizations and/or collaborated with their individual members:


Da3m: a non-governmental organization that strives to safeguard the right to freedom of information and access to knowledge.


The Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF): a foundation that aims to equip Arab youth with the necessary skills and support their use of new technologies for creative expression. 


Madad: an online crowd-funding platform for development projects. 



The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights(EIPR): an NGO that strives to protect and promote basic rights and freedoms in Egypt. 


Mada Masr: a local online independent media platform that contributes to A2K4D through research and editorial services.


SETS: a multi-disciplinary regional consultancy firm that works closely with the A2K4D team in providing access to new digital tools in the field of transportation, as well as recent literature for a comprehensive and updated approach to urban mobility in Cairo.


KarmSolar: is an Egyptian solar technology and integration company that delivers solar solutions to various sectors. 


Infotimes: is an independent agency that focuses on exploring and analyzing data. 


Sharkawy and Sarhan Law Firm: is an Egyptian law firm that provides integrated legal services to a wide range of national and international clientele. The firm helps the Center create legal documents and briefs that include information and helpful resources on the legal frameworks surrounding the solar energy sector in Egypt. 


Law and Society Research Unit: is a collective project at the AUC that seeks to advance the critical study of law and society in Egypt with the hopes of addressing theoretical concerns in contemporary society. 


InsideOut Today: is a web development company in Egypt that specializes in digital content and end-to-end solutions for innovative web management. 


      A2K4D is grateful to our partners for their continued support to the center's research and activities, and outreach. 



        International Development Research Center


        Friedrich Ebert Stiftung


        Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


        Queen Elisabeth Scholars (QES)


        World Wide Web Foundation