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The Council of the School of Business (CSB)

The Council of the School of Business (CSB) is one of the governing and advisory bodies in the School of Business. It is a representative council of the school’s faculty, students and staff, and ensures their participation in the governance of the school and in the decision-making process regarding important matters that affect the school community. Members of the council include faculty, staff, students and the dean, who is a non-voting member. The CSB also has a council chair, a co-chair, a rapporteur and a secretary.

The council in itself is considered a forum and an important platform for the dean to discuss important and pressing issues with the school community, and to share updates and new school initiatives at least once every semester, and whenever necessary throughout the year.

The CSB meets from six to eight times per year to discuss issues related to School of Business policies, academic programs, student affairs, faculty affairs and intellectual contribution, and comes up with resolutions and recommendations that address the dean of the School of Business.

The CSB efforts are supported by five council committees that review important topics on the school level and send their report to the chair of the council to share with the council members. The committees are:

1. The Faculty Affairs Committee
2. The Academic Governance and Policy Committee
3. The Research and Grants Committee
4. The Budget Committee
5. The Assessment of Learning Standing Committee

In addition to the five council committees, the chair of the CSB is authorized by the council members to form short-term ad hoc committees to discuss pressing issues and topics of a specific nature.

The CSB also has an executive committee composed of the chair of the council, the co-chair of the council, the associate dean for undergraduate studies and administration, the associate dean for graduate studies and research and the dean of the school as a non-voting member.

The CSB is governed by the CSB bylaws that are updated whenever needed to reflect new policies developed and new committees formed.