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Fellowship Program

U.S.-Egypt Business Council of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce


The School of Business of The American University in Cairo

Fellowship Program - Egypt


The U.S.-Egypt Business Council (USEBC) is the leading advocacy organization representing America’s top companies doing business with Egypt.  The council is made up of senior executives of U.S. companies from every business sector that are major investors in Egypt

The mission of the USEBC is to serve as the premier vehicle for advancing the bilateral commercial relationship between the United States and Egypt and to promote the economic and political relationship at the highest levels of government and business in both countries.  It is the leading organization located in Washington, D.C., advocating on behalf of American companies doing business with Egypt.

The U.S.-Egypt Business Council remains committed to strengthening and further to cultivating the vital strategic and commercial relationship between the United States and Egypt, which is fundamentally important to our mutual interests

On the occasion of the centennial year of the American University in Cairo (AUC) 2019-2020 and the school of business celebrating a decade in serving the market in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa regions, the U.S.-Egypt Business Council of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AUC School of Business are launching a “Fellowship Program” for Egyptians.  The objective of the program is to provide them with a life changing experience through getting exposed to a hands-on engagement and an extensive customized itinerary of visits and meetings with business leaders in U.S. companies that are designed to provide them with professional insights, a network of contacts, a broadened international perspective and an in-depth understanding on current and prospective Egypt-U.S. economic opportunities and potential.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Egypt Business Council Fellowship Program is designed to offer participants a variety of benefits including but not limited to (a) providing a multifaceted experience, (b) enhancing leadership skills, (c) enabling professional networks, and (d) offering international exposure. 

The Fellowship Program will provide highly qualified, young professionals and future leaders and entrepreneurs with an unparalleled opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and gain in-depth knowledge of the commercial and business relationship and opportunities between the United States and Egypt.

The fellows will have the opportunity to work on crosscutting projects aimed at strengthening and further cultivating the vital strategic and commercial relationship between the United States and Egypt, focusing on three primary services for its member companies: (a) policy formulation and advocacy, (b) business expansion, and (c) network development.


The Fellowship Program has a set of primary objectives:

  1. To develop fellows who can become future leaders in sectors and regions that align with the council’s mission.
  2. To enhance the fellows’ capabilities and skills and their understanding of the council, its objectives and partner organizations.
  3. To provide the fellows with exposure to and hands-on experience in the U.S. market.
  4. To strengthen the fellows’ effectiveness as potential leaders in the market.
  5. To develop greater interest in and understanding of the U.S. market.


 The fellows will have an opportunity to work on a variety of research projects related to USEBC’s three primary services offered to its member companies: policy formulation and advocacy, business expansion, and network development.

  1. Policy Formulation and Advocacy: The USEBC serves as an advocate for U.S. companies on macroeconomic, investment, and trade policies that enhance the ability of member companies to access the Egyptian market.  The USEBC is the premier venue for addressing these and other issues both with the government of the U.S. and Egypt.  Leveraging the U.S. Chamber’s position as the world’s largest business advocacy federation, the USEBC works to influence trade and investment policies that arise in the U.S. and Egyptian legislative bodies.
  2. Business Expansion: The USEBC gives significant attention to the expansion of business opportunities for its member companies.  It identifies projects, ventures, and partners that facilitate increased business for member companies.
  3. Network Development: The USEBC seeks to create formal and informal relationships with like-minded organizations in both the United States and Egypt. It also works to establish strategic ties with existing business development organizations in Egypt.

The fellows will also address through various activities, projects and research work some of the issues that represent key priorities for the USEBC including:

  • Promoting a U.S.-Egypt free trade agreement
  • Advocating for increased dialogue on the economic partnership between Egypt and the United States
  • Educating the U.S. Congress on the importance of the U.S. Egypt commercial relationship
  • Promoting intellectual property rights
  • Increasing bilateral trade and investment
  • Improving regulatory reform and decreasing trade barriers
  • Advocating for global entrepreneurship
  • Strengthening educational training and enhancing corporate responsibility
  • Stimulating the services trade and e-commerce

Characteristics of the Fellowship Program

  • Significant opportunities to learn about USEBC’s approach to investments, policy formation, and advocacy by working closely with the council’s staff and external partners.
  • Deep engagement on strategic issues being pursued by the council, with opportunities to make a tangible impact.
  • Coaching and mentorship by USEBC staff who are leaders in their respective fields.
  • Leveraging the fellows’ leadership skills and capacities.
  • Learning to understand how Washington, DC works and functions.

Program Details


U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C.

Fellowship Program Duration

6 months

Proposed Starting Date

September 2019

Remuneration of the Fellows

Remunerating the fellows will be based on an hourly basis as a temporary position with the U.S. Chamber.  The fellowship scheme does not cover, travel, boarding and accommodation expenses. 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Candidates must be U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, and holders of a U.S. eligible visa.  Competitive applicants generally fall within the age range of approximately 20 to 32 years old, as this fellowship program is designed for fresh holders of university undergraduate degrees, graduate students and the alumni network of AUC School of Business.  While candidates who are older may be considered, the farther the age falls outside of this age range, the less competitive the application will be. 

Before applying, all possible candidates should consider carefully whether their professional and personal circumstances would allow them to participate in the intensive six-month fellowship program based in Washington, DC.  In case of current graduate students, they will have to opt to have a gap semester, if they wish to do so.

Successful candidates typically display the following characteristics in their applications: 

  • Current graduate students as well as alumni of the American University in Cairo School of Business, preferably with a major in business or economics.
  • Demonstrate not only significant accomplishments within their communities and their professions but also a high potential for growth and broader impact.
  • Propose a compelling fellowship program through a 1000-word essay that defines how to capitalize on the advantage presented by this unique opportunity; 
  • Identify a project or an initiative the applicant intends to develop during the fellowship program and to articulate how this experience will help each applicant meet the intended objectives and create a positive impact.
  • Commit to engage actively with the Fellowship Program network in the future.

Application Deadline:

July 21, 2019

Apply Here