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MBA Study Tour to Spain

The MBA program organized a study tour to Barcelona, Spain. The main goal of this study tour was to offer the MBA students a hands-on international experience that is highly needed in today’s world. We partnered with EADA University, Barcelona, Spain. During this intensive week, the participants were exposed to Spanish business practices through professional visits and exchanges, supported by lectures, which provided insights into the Spanish and European business, economic and social perspective.

MBA students obtained an integrated overview of the business, political and social environments of Spain and Europe. They were able to evaluate different strategies of business best practices and internationalization and were introduced to behavior and best practices within the European Union and particularly in the Spanish business context.
MBA students were exposed to both corporate and academic perspectives and received first-hand experience about the diversified and promising business environment in Spain. Lectures were combined with selected visits to top Spanish companies in order to have an idea about their functional areas in Spain’s business and industry. They visited Mango and Desigual (clothing retail company), Football Club Barcelona, MRW (courier services), Boquería Market, Nespresso, Imaginarium, Escuela de Danza Munique Neith company and the Barcelona Stock Exchange.

They were introduced to Spain‘s history, culture and its effect on business practices, perceived differences in cultural values and how to lead and perform in multicultural teams. They were able to understand cultural diversity as a competitive advantage and international relations and its effect on business practices. Their cultural visits included guided tours of Barcelona and the Catalan Modernism Museum.

The study tour was very successful and provided MBA students with immersion in different business contexts from exposure to Spanish business, economic growth and development, financial systems, cultural contexts within the framework of the European Union, and Spain’s relationship with Egypt.

MBA student Ahmed Kabil said, “The trip was very beneficial from all aspects -- educational, cultural, exposure and fun.” Ahmed Gad commented, “We have really enjoyed everything in this study trip; lectures, visits, tours and shopping.” Khaled Dahawy, director of MBA program, stated: “The MBA tour is an excellent opportunity for MBA students to gain real international experience. It focuses on giving MBA students a rich experience integrating international culture, education and company visits. Being in Spain in a time of economic challenge was very insightful. It allowed us to view how the country and businesses react to the financial crises. In addition, it was a chance for me and the MBA group to interact on an individual basis.”