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Undergraduate Programs


The School of Business takes undergraduates beyond the classroom to understand the practical side of the business world. Students are invited to complete real-life projects with leading global companies and nonprofits while learning from faculty with real-world expertise. The School adopts innovative teaching tools that introduce students to practical applications including international business simulations, experiential learning and game theory within the classroom. At the school, students will always get the chance to meet industry leaders in the classroom.

While using case studies in the classroom is a priority to enhance teaching, students are furthermore encouraged to write high-quality cases and co-publish them with their professors. El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC) supports both faculty and student case writing activities in the school. Students also get access to real-time financial data, professional research tools and leading analytic software replicating a real-life trading room environment at the AUC School of Business Financial Services Center.

List of Undergraduate Programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting

Students pursuing a BA in accounting encounter a learning experience characterized by highly technical financial knowledge that is supported by extensive exposure to the practical aspects of the accounting profession.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Students pursuing their Bachelor of Arts in economics gain an appreciation of the interdependence of world economics. They receive training in rational thought and learn about the connection between theory and the main features of economic policy.

 Bachelor of Business Adminstration

The Bachelor of Business Administration ensures that students master the knowledge required to manage in a dynamic environment. Business administration majors can select from areas of concentration including finance, marketing and management.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology 

The study of management of information and communication technology (MICT) is designed with a particular focus to adapt its content in a local context congruent with the needs of Egyptian organizations and capable of addressing IT challenges that arise in such organizations. The MICT curriculum provides students with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, all while enabling them to develop expertise in business management and information technology. This program is a joint degree between the School of Business (BUS) and the School of Sciences and Engineering (SSE).