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A Unique Learning Experience

The master's program in economics is among the first graduate degrees to be integrated at AUC. It was introduced 50 years ago in 1964.

Since its inception, the underlying theme of the program has been to provide students with a strong background in theory, methodology and analytical abilities. While emphasizing theory and quantitative techniques, it also enhances the full realization that applied research work is a necessity. Additionally, the program promotes the understanding of economic policy, which cannot be made without proper theoretical underpinnings. Both the Master of Arts in economics and the Master of Arts in economics in international development (MA ECONID) are accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.


Economics in International Development Graduate Diploma

If you are aiming to gain a basic understanding and knowledge of development economics without proceeding toward a master’s degree, this interdisciplinary diploma program provides a broader and more integrated perspective of development issues. The program also attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice by encouraging students to study development cases and effectively assess the successes and failures of efforts to influence the course of economic development over time. 

To check program details on AUC Catalog, please click here.

Graduate Testimonies  

“I chose to pursue the graduate diploma in economics in international development at AUC because the program provides rigorous academic background presented by some of the sharpest minds actively working in the field. The program also required that my academic studies be supplemented by actual participation in the field of economic development. This real-life experience of participating and researching economic development in a developing country proved invaluable, and greatly supplemented and enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the field.”
Matt Ellis