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A Unique Learning Experience

The master's program in economics is among the first graduate degrees to be introduced at AUC. It was introduced 50 years ago in 1964. From its inception, the underlying theme of the program has been to provide students with a strong background in theory, methodology and analytical abilities. While emphasizing theory and quantitative techniques, it enhances the full realization that applied research work is a necessity. Additionally, the program promotes the understanding of economic policy, which cannot be made without proper theoretical underpinnings. Both the Master of Arts in economics and the Master of Arts in economics in international development are accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.


Masters of Arts in Economics in International Development

This program is designed for students who wish to acquire an advanced understanding of the field of development economics. The program adopts a highly interdisciplinary approach as an essential requirement for gaining a broader and more integrated perspective of this dynamic field of study. The program also promotes effective unification of theoretical foundations with the modern applications of policy within the developing world. This unification is made tangible as students are required to apply their knowledge within this unique practicum program. Graduates of this program have been employed in international organizations, representative offices and projects, non-governmental organizations and development-finance institutions. Students have also assumed technical positions in governmental departments directly concerned with development planned and evaluation. 

To check program details on AUC Catalog, please click here.

Graduate Testimonies  

“Economics in international development is a high-quality academic program in the field of development studies, which examines the importance of contemporary theory in the social sciences for development policy and practice. This program fulfilled my needs in pursuing a career in the field of international development. In addition, the master’s degree has a wide range of choices in optional courses within the School of Business so that I can deepen and widen my disciplinary training, or take up the advanced study of a particular region in the developing world. It helped me in shaping my studies according to my needs.”
Yasmine Wissa 

“As a graduate student of economics, I really benefited from the highly distinguished faculty members and their help, reflecting their experiences in very prestigious universities. I also profited from the huge library and its different resources, especially the online specialized databases and e-books, as well as the writing center with all the help and support provided by a devoted team whenever it is needed. All of this made my years of graduate study at AUC a really wonderful and enjoyable experience. When I moved to the professional world, my credentials were always highly regarded by my employers. Throughout my career, I benefitted from the knowledge I gained during my studies, the techniques of economic analysis that I learned and the problem-solving skills I developed. It was easy for me to accommodate all changing aspects of my career. All in all, it was a character-altering milestone in my life.” 
Mona El Abiad