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Collaborative Programs

AUC School of Business Executive Education realizes the importance of being proactive in a global economy and works closely with its partners to develop specific sectors and industries, and equip their workforce with the skills needed to compete in a dynamic business environment.

Within this context, the collaborative programs are designed in partnership with well-established international academic partners and top ranked universities to include an international perspective on specific areas through facilitators who are practitioners or subject specialists with relevant international experience such as real estate, retail, logistics and family business. 

These programs provide a forum for stakeholders in their respective sectors to engage in dialogue that would enable them to reach and interact effectively in the market and to join international knowledge networks by active participation and organization of forums, roundtables, internationals events and study tours. In addition, global awareness of local investment opportunities is created and unparalleled networking opportunities for the movers and shakers of these specific industries are enabled.

Moreover, the objective of these programs is to expand into new niche areas by engaging corporate partners and academic partners to develop a set of niche programs and developing the market for such programs until the market identifies ExecEd as a leading provider in the domain. Ultimate, the aim is to make these programs available to the market through the open enrollment and customized programs units.

The collaborative programs unit is responsible for conducting the necessary market research that enables it to enhance, diversify and expand its offerings in Egypt and the region. Moreover, the unit is responsible for the development of a framework and procedure for handing over the domain to the open enrollment and customized programs units to ensure continuity while maintaining relations with the key accounts to generate additional business for both units through a referral model.

The programs are as follows:

The Real Estate Program

The Real Estate Program was established in February 2010 in partnership with National University of Singapore (NUS) and DMG-Mountain View, the founding corporate partner of the Real Estate Academy. It was established with the mission to expose players in Egypt’s large and robust real estate market to cutting-edge global trends through superlative executive education programs, study tours and forums, thereby creating a common language in the field of real estate.

The Retail and Customer Service Program

As a response to the growing demand for retail professionals who have the intellectual and practical abilities necessary to cope with the pace of change in this industry, ExecEd established the Retail and Customer Service Program in March 2012 to provide the market with a high level of knowledge and understanding of the concepts and processes involved in retailing, and equip the retail workforce with the necessary practical and analytical skills needed for a professional career.

The Logistics Program

The Logistics Program was established in January 2013 with its co-founding partners EGYPTRANS; Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, the Netherlands; National University of Singapore; The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, United Kingdom; and Koc University Graduate School of Business, Turkey. The Logistics Program was established with the mission to develop leaders in logistics, to be an open platform for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among all stakeholders and strengthen the logistics competitiveness of the region. The program's vision is to be the leading regional platform for world-class education, development, research and networking in logistics.