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Healthcare and Hospital Management

Dr. Mohamed Nabil Taha, a physician with more than ten years of work experience in Egypt, who completed the Diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Management and proudly said, “The knowledge I gained from my studies, and the business and leadership skills I acquired gave me the power and the courage to start up Alrazy Group for Home Healthcare Services, a company specialized in offering medical services to patients at their homes with the highest level of patient safety, dignity and service quality."

The impact of delivering home care in a professional manner proved very successful. Combining experience, dedication, discipline and eagerness to improve themselves, Alrazy group:

- Served over 250 patients over one year

- Provided more than 38,000 hours of home nursing/medical assistance

- Provided more than 150 medical examinations in 21 specialties

- Performed home investigations for more than 50 patients

- Performed 70 sessions of physiotherapy at home

- Signed contracts and presented services to big hospitals to provide home health care for the patients after discharge

“Alrazy Group for Home Healthcare services was selected out of 199 applicants as one of 10 candidates to participate in the 2014 cycle “enpact,” a mentoring program for young entrepreneurs funded by the German Foreign Ministry,” says Dr. Taha, CEO Alrazy Group for Home Healthcare Services

Advanced Management Program

“It was a fruitful experience attending such a valuable program. The key takeaway was setting strategies and implementing them efficiently and effectively though competent human capital. Benefits of the program were learning to lead change, especially in an unstable market, and risk management in a competitive market with scientific assessment of the market, internal and external resources and budgeting.”
Samia Sherif
Learning and Development Officer
Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt. 

“This course offers participants the chance to understand the person's situation in hard and uncertain times. When situations change to the worst and unforeseen disaster materializes all around, things can turn bad very fast. This course makes the person understand how to manage those tough times. Situations which are beyond one's control can impact the business strategically, financially and internally, all at the same time. Understanding how to handle employees, manage financial crunches, and adjust plans and strategies becomes a day to day firefighting mission. What this course does is help the person to organize and understand the dynamics of a crisis. This alone can be the number one weapon to survive in those times”
Tarek Abdel Rahim
Sistrum Group

"Making decisions in an uncertain and risky environment is one of the biggest challenges under the current global political and economic situation, and becomes a reality we have to face daily. The course helped me visualize from a different perceptive the importance and impact of the decisions we take in such an environment both short term and long term; it helped me improve my skills to better balance risk and uncertainty, to apply the correct strategy and to remind me that opportunities can also happen in crisis. Beside the above mentioned points, it was a good opportunity to revive and restructure the skills and knowledge acquired during my studies and the different training courses attended. The staff, professors and participants were great; it was an enriching experience from all aspects”
El Hesn Textiles
BD and Technical Director, Board Member

“The advanced management program was both impressive and engaging. Since the first day, the course challenged our mindsets and offered us the opportunity to explore countless new business frameworks, expanded by an excellent group of instructors and debated by well diverse and highly professional participants. The combination of excellent course materials, engaging lectures and state of the art business simulation was yet another example of how current and practical the program was. The overall experience was simply amazing and assisted me greatly in meeting the uncertainty of the business environment of today with a fresh perspective and a versatile and assertive collection of new and improved business tools."

Hani Naguib
Vice President
Consultant Trading Bureau

Merck Serono, Saudi Arabia

"Throughout the past year, I witnessed the positive impact of partnering with AUC’s Executive Education in providing training to our staff at Merck Serono, Saudi Arabia. This has been a truly wonderful learning experience."

Yasser M. Tawfik
Managing Director
Merck Serono, Saudi Arabia

Our Graduates

At the January 2014 graduation ceremony, one of the graduates summed up her learning experience on behalf of her colleagues:

"Our aim was to enhance our abilities and develop our skills through studying programs that could help us create a positive impact on the business results of the organizations we serve …. We started our journey of enhancements and we are now determined to apply what we have acquired in our studies to our workplace."