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KCC Call for Case Studies

  Pharco Case Study Funding 2017 - 18

KCC is glad to announce a call for case studies under the generous fund from Pharco Pharmaceuticals Company.

Pharco Pharmaceuticals is the mother company of Pharco group. Pharco is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the MENA region, focused on research, formulation, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

This grant and call for case proposals stem from a convergence in understanding the importance of high-quality case studies for business education in Egypt and the Arab region. World class case studies are essential teachingmaterials to prepare business students and teach them how what they have learned applies to real-world situationsMoreover, well-thought cases are sources of added value for many schools around the globe that are interested in our region.


Brief Description:

·     Pharco has provided KCC with a generous grant to develop case studies about businesses in the Arab region. Case studies could cover any area within the business field, but priority will be given to the AUC School of Business focal areas, namely family business, entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

·      Faculty members are eligible to submit case proposals under this grant. 

·     Successful case proposals will be awarded $1000 to be paid to the awarded faculty member in two installments: $500 upon grant award and $500 when the full deliverables of the case study are submitted. 

·     The awarded faculty member may use the services of a case writer or co-author and in this case, the faculty member is responsible for compensating case writers and co-authors as per their agreement.


·     $1,000 per case study


Case Study Final Deliverables:

·     Originally produced case study document in word format that has undergone review, amendment and acceptance under the KCC review process.

·     Teaching notes in word format.

·     Assignment of copyrights signed form by the author.

·     Consent for publication signed by the organization covered in the case (in case primary research is conducted).

·     Case Testing signed form.

To Obtain the Grant You Should:

·     Successfully submit a case proposal according to the attached Case Proposal Guidelines. Proposal submission starts today and ends on October 30, 2017 at 3 pm.

·     Abide by the timeline since the proposal submission till the submission of the final manuscript and class testing form. 

·     Successfully submit all case deliverables.




Case Study proposal submission

October 30, 2017

KCC reply about submitted case study proposals

November 14, 2017

Submission of case study

January 16, 018

Reviewers’ feedback

February 15, 2018

Final case submitted to KCC incorporating reviewers’ feedback and case testing

March 2018

For further details or inquiries, please email KCC at

 Submission Requirements 

  • Abstract/Executive Summary (150 - 250 words): The abstract should briefly describe the case scenario and include details of its focus, teaching level and objectives
  • Full case
  • Teaching notes and learning objectives
  • Case teaching test run in the classroom* (Download here)
  • Consent for Publication/Company Release  (Download here)
  • Copyright Consent Form  (Download here)
  • Case Information Sheet  (Download here)

A case-study submission will not be considered as complete if the above is not submitted and the case study does not comply with the manuscript requirements (Download here).

*The case study must be comprehensively tested in the classroom before final submission. You will need to give full details of the testing by filling out and submitting the form.

All documentation should be sent to

After Submission

Upon submission, your case will go through a double review process before being sent back to the author for final amendments. A final round of English editing will be applied before the case is ready for publication. The review process takes six to eight weeks.

For more information, please contact