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CMRS Alumni Stories
"Having graduated from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, the focus of my studies was international relations, politics and law. As such, when I decided to go back to school for graduate studies I was inclined to search for a program that would include international relations, politics, law, sociology and psychology while at the same time providing me with practical skills that would enhance my chances for employment. When I decided to eventually pursue graduate studies, I found that the forced migration and refugee studies program at AUC provided an excellent interdisciplinary diploma that included fascinating courses from a totally different perspective. I attained the graduate diploma in February 2006 and gladly returned three years later once the AUC established a full master's program in the field. I believe that my research throughout the program has helped me develop a far deeper understanding of the reasons leading up to the Egyptian revolution and I have been working as a freelance researcher in this field ever since. The programs provided by CMRS have enhanced both my intellectual and practical skills at the caliber to which I had been accustomed in my undergraduate studies and therefore, I recommend the program wholeheartedly." - Hend Hafez, MA 

"I am a medical doctor by background and have worked with refugees, IDPs and immigrants throughout my career in Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Liberia, Somalia, Yemen and Canada. Earning a graduate diploma in refugee studies and a master's in migration and refugee studies at CMRS has given me a long career with United Nations agencies and solid research knowledge and practice. The fact that the center is situated in Egypt, at the highest ranking University, gives it a unique position to provide up-to-date information on migration and refugee issues in Africa and the Middle East. Returning to CMRS has always felt like a homecoming. The center also has a unique collection of Grey Literature for interested scholars. I highly recommend this program!" Iman Ahmed, MBBS, MA; researcher, CMRS

"After starting my career in the field of refugee assistance as local staff with International Organization for Migration (IOM) and then going on to be part of the international IOM staff in Baghdad in 2008, I decided that to complement this I should pursue graduate studies in this field.  
 My years of experience with IOM made me develop a lot of passion to the refugee cause and I came to realize that continuing graduate studies is an essential requirement for any further growth within the United Nations System. Therefore I completed a graduate diploma with specialization in applied psychosocial intervention for migrants and refugees in January 2011 from The American University in Cairo’s Center for Migration and Refugee Studies. Holding a graduate degree from CMRS made my CV look stronger, now I have recently joined the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and I have been selected for many resettlement and protection professional rosters. I have also decided to engage myself further in my graduate education by pursuing a master's degree in migration from CMRS." - Ayman Ghaly, MA candidate

“In June 2011, I was awarded my master's degree in migration and refugee studies from The American University in Cairo. The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies appealed to me, as migration and refugee studies have become an issue of global importance, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa region. While studying, I worked for three consecutive semesters at CMRS as a teaching and research assistant. This was an invaluable working experience that gave me the opportunity to conduct additional research in a conducive environment. Furthermore, my MA studies led me to a new path; Upon graduating, I was immediately able to secure an internship at the International Labour Organization in Cairo, which introduced me to the world of international organization functioning under the UN auspices. Since the end of my studies, I have been volunteering at the Harbour Project in Wiltshire, southwest United Kingdom, supporting refugees and asylum seekers. My MA has helped me understand how to deal with refugees at work, and has given me the experience I need to aid and support refugees in the UK and worldwide.” - Salwa Eissa, MA

"Being a graduate student at CMRS was certainly a life changing experience; it has shaped my career toward doctoral studies and pursuing research that is not only solid academically but equally useful to identifying the needs of migrants and refugees. I remain very grateful to CMRS for nurturing my passion for the field of migration." Sara Sadek, CMRS graduate 2006

"Graduating from the diploma program in 2009 increased my knowledge base about refugee issues and provided a credentialed specialty in social work.  After graduation from CMRS, I continued to work for refugee agencies in Cairo until September 2011. As of March 2012, I am working as a finance manager at an organization focused on resettlement (RefugePoint is based in the USA, but with majority of staff in Africa).  As I am told, what attracted the organization to my resume was the combination of international experience at refugee agencies in Cairo (AMERA and St. Andrew’s Refugee Services) and having a management background. Also, having both the academic background in addition to grounded experience is crucial in this job market." - Danna Gobel, diploma student