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Center for Migration and Refugee Studies



"Being a graduate student at CMRS was certainly a life-changing experience; it has shaped my career toward doctoral studies and pursuing research that is not only solid academically but equally useful to identifying the needs of migrants and refugees. I remain very grateful to CMRS for nurturing my passion for the field of migration." Sara Sadek, CMRS graduate 2006.

"I am a medical doctor by background and have worked with refugees, IDPs and immigrants throughout my career in Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Liberia, Somalia, Yemen and Canada. Earning a graduate diploma in refugee studies and a master's in migration and refugee studies at CMRS has given me a long career with United Nations agencies and solid research knowledge and practice. The fact that the center is situated in Egypt, at the highest ranking University, gives it a unique position to provide up-to-date information on migration and refugee issues in Africa and the Middle East. Returning to CMRS has always felt like a homecoming. The center also has a unique collection of Grey Literature for interested scholars. I highly recommend this program!" Iman Ahmed, MBBS, MA, Researcher, CMRS


CMRS Policy Brief Concerning the Work and Living Conditions of Egyptian Migrant Workers in Jordan (English) (Arabic)


CMRS First Webinar on COVID 19 and International Labor Migration in the Middle East.


Statement by CMRS on the World Refugee Day. Read more


Statement by the Migration and Refugee Forum for the Arab World (MARFA) on the occasion of International Workers' Day 2020. Read more...

Dr. Ibrahim Awad, warns of the consequences of leaving refugees in double jeopardy during the battle against the pandemic...(Click here)


Statement by the Migration and Refugee Forum for the Arab World (MARFA) (English) (Arabic)


Researching Migration and Mobility in the Global South Workshop, featuring Public Panel Event: On the Move. Migration and Politics of Movement in the Global South Oct. 24-26, 2019 Tahrir Campus, AUC. Read more...


Report on the Conference on "Statelessness" organized by CMRS on October 7. Read More...


Ibrahim Awad, interview by IEMed (European Institute of the Mediterranean ) about migration in the Mediterranean. Read More

GAPP 10th Anniversary Distinguished Staff Award, an award presented to one staff only at the school level, is given to Maysa Ayoub, CMRS Manager. (Read More)

Three CMRS Students and one Faculty members awarded Andrew W Mellon Foundation Grants. Read More...

CMRS joins £20m global research hub aiming to harness benefits of South-South migration

Global Compact (click here)

CMRS contributes to the UN processes of the Global Compacts on Migrants and Refugees. READ MORE.

CMRS Brochure (Download)


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