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Center for Migration and Refugee Studies

 A Commemoration of the work of Professor Barbara Harrell-Bond(BHB)


" Unpacking the stranger: Listening to the Lives of Darfuris in Amman and Cairo" CMRS seminar 

Summer 2018 Short Courses 

The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies offered three intensive summer courses during the period July 1-July 19. The three courses attracted a diverse group of NGO workers, graduate students and post-graduate students specialized in different fields of studies. They came from different countries including Ireland, Japan, Spain, Netherland, France, Nigeria, and Sudan. As always, CMRS offered scholarship opportunities for refugees in Egypt whose participation added a great perspective to the course.

In addition to lectures, the three courses included extensive discussions and debates that were enriched by the variety of disciplines and backgrounds of the participants. In addition, class group exercises were carried which made the classes both informative and enjoyable.

The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies would like to thank the three instructors and all the participants for making such an event a memorable one.

Statement by CMRS on the Passing of Professor Barbara Harrel-Bond 


It is with deep sorrow and a great sense of loss that we announce the passing away of Professor Barbara Harrell Bond, OBE. She passed away yesterday, Wednesday, July 11, 2018. Harrell-Bond was a leading figure in the field of refugee studies. She founded the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University in 1982, the Refugee Law Project in Uganda in 1998, Africa and the Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA) and CMRS in 2000 as well as numerous other centers and programs around the world. Read CMRS Statement on the Passing of Professor Harrell-Bond

A documentary on her life can be found here: 

Statement by the Students of CMRS on the Occasion of the World Refugee Day

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, we, the students of the Center for Migration and

Refugee Studies at the American University in Cairo.


Global Compact (click here)

September- October 2017: CMRS contributes to the UN processes of the Global Compacts on Migrants and Refugees

The United Nations Summit on Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants held at the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2016 adopted the New York Declarations on Refugees and Migrants. The Declaration, which is a set of commitments made by Member States, in turn decided to work towards the adoption in 2018 of two Global Compacts on Refugees and on Migrants. 

The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies (CMRS) of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at The American University in Cairo (AUC) is actively contributing to the preparatory processes of the two Compacts. READ MORE...

Second Edition of the Certificate in Migration Governance 

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is widely recognized as the largest region in terms of refugees and migration movements. International and civil conflicts have generated, and still produce, the displacement of refugees and their settlement in countries of the region for periods extending at times for several decades. Refugees originate from countries within the region, such as Palestine, Iraq or Syria, as well as from countries south of the Sahara such as South Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia.  READ MORE...

CMRS Database 

The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies proudly announces the launching of a database that is comprised of different research material on migration and refugee topics within the MENA region. CMRS database can be accessed through the following link:  


Cairo Review:

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CMRS Monthly Seminar Series


Third edition of the Certificate in

Migration Governance. Read more