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Ahsan Ullah

In his 18 years of professional career, Dr Ahsan Ullah worked in key capacities for a number of international development, research and academic organizations include: Plan International; BRAC (one of the largest NGOs in the world); South East Asian Research Centre (SEARC), City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Asian Institute of Technology (AIT); Thailand; University of Ottawa, Saint Mary’s University, and McMaster University, Canada. He provided consultancy services to the World Bank and Dalhousie University, Canada, and IDD, UK.

Through his professional and academic training he gained training  on qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation techniques; and handling large projects include migration and refugee policy, micro credit, development, HIV/AIDS, and disaster management. He conducted and headed several research projects such as, rural poverty alleviation program, refugee in flux, city dwellers and rural to urban migration; knowledge and awareness on HIV/AIDS of commercial sex workers and their clients; and the lives of street children.

Dr Ullah worked in South Asia, South –East Asia, East Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East and North African regions. He spoke at least at 30 international seminars and conferences. He traveled more than 70 countries in the world.

Research interest:
Migration and Refugee Studies
Politics and International Relations of South and Southeast Asia
South and Southeast Asian Rural and Urban Development
South and Southeast Asian Local and International NGO Politics and Policies
Migration Policies and Practices in South and Southeast Asia
Community Heath; Health, Globalization and Migration; HIV/AIDS

Selected publications:
(Under Review) Understanding Migration Policies in Asia: South, South East and East Asia.

(Under Review) Refugee Politics in the Middle East and Africa: Identity, Safety and Human Rights.

2011. Divergence and Convergence in the Nation State: The Roles of Religion and Migration. New York: Nova Science.

2010. Rationalizing Migration Decisions: Labour Migrants in South and South-East Asia. London: Ashgate.

2010. Population Migration in Asia: Theories and Practice. New York: Nova Science.

2009. Golden Days. Dhaka: S. Publications. [Bengali]

2008. (with P.K. Panday) Theorizing International Migration: Integrating the Context of Bangladesh. Berlin: VDM-Verlag Publishing.

2003. NGOs and Development: Alleviating Rural Poverty in Bangladesh. Chile: Book Mark International.

2000. The Horror: A study on Commercial Sex and the Risk of HIV/AIDS. Dhaka: ARDS and BRAC Publishing.

1999. Poverty and Migration: Slums of Dhaka City. Dhaka: ARDS Publishing.

Edited Books
2008. (with Anabelle B. Ragsag) Listening to Asia from the Atlantic: Migrant, Trafficked and Refugee Populations. Berlin: VDM Publications.

2008. Contemporary Globalization: Explaining Migration and Development. Berlin: Verlag Publications.

2008. South and Southeast Asia: Dealing with History and Development. Berlin : Verlag Publications.

Journal Articles (Selected)
(Forthcoming) “Bangladeshi Migrant Workers in Hong Kong: Adaptation strategies in an Ethnically Distant Destination”. International Migration.

(Forthcoming) (with Mary McNally, Debora Matthews, et. al.) “Common Oral Conditions (Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease): Evidence Review for Newly Arriving Immigrants and Refugees”. Canadian Medical Association Journal.

2011. (with A.H. Mallik) “Gendering Cross-border Networks in Greater Mekong Sub-region: Drawing Invisible Routes to Thailand. Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies. 4(2). 22-37.

2011. “HIV/AIDS-related Stigma and Discrimination: A study on Health Care Providers in   Bangladesh”. Journal of the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care 10(2):97-104.

2011. “Theoretical Rhetoric About Migration Networks: A case of a Journey of Bangladeshi Workers to Malaysia”. International Migration. 49(# not known yet)

2011. “Dynamics of Remittance Uses and Development: Bangladeshi Labor Migrants in Hong Kong and Malaysia”. Development in Practice. 21(8): 1153-1167.

2011. (with Kevin Pottie “Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Evidence Review for Newly Arriving Immigrants and Refugees”. Canadian Medical Association Journal.

2010. “Rohingya Refugee to Bangladesh: Historical Exclusions and Contemporary Marginalization”. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies. 9(2): 139-161.

2010. “Pre-marital Pregnancies Among Migrant Workers: A Case of Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong”. Asian Journal of Women’s Studies. 16(1):62-90.

2009. “Changing Governance in Population Migration: Theories and Practices in South and Southeast Asia”. Bangladesh International Institute of Strategic Studies (BIISS) Journal. 30(1):78-99.

2008. “The Price of Migration from Bangladesh to Distant Lands: Narratives of Recent Tragedies”. Asian Profile. 36(6):639-646.

2007. “Remitting Money to Bangladesh: What Do Migrants Prefer?” Asian and Pacific Migration Journal. 16(1):121-137.

2007. “Rural Poverty Alleviation Through NGO Interventions in Bangladesh: How Far is the Achievement?” International Journal of Social Economics. 34(4): 237-248.

2005. “Destiny of the Trafficked in Women and Girls: Some Theoretical and Critical Issues”. Empowerment. 12(2):75-84.

2005. “Transparency Status and Institutional Performances of NGOs in Bangladesh. Rural Social Work and Community Practice. Rural Social Work and Community Practice. 10(4):32-41.

2005. “The Empirical Profile of Sex Workers in Bangladesh”. International Journal of Women’s Studies. 7(2):111-22.

2005. Changing governance in South Korean higher education: exploring some impacts. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh (Hum). 50(1).335-51.
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2003. “Social Impact of NGOs in Alleviating Rural Poverty in Bangladesh”. Journal of Rural Social Work 8(1): 12-22.

2002. “NGO Intervention in Alleviating Rural Poverty: An Economic Assessment in Two Villages in Bangladesh”. Social Science Review. 19(2):359-386.

2001. “Migrants in Dhaka City: Life at the Margins. Asian Migrant. 14(3):85-88.

Book Chapters (Selected)

(Forthcoming) “Empowerment or exploitation? How International is International Marriage Migration?” In Migration in China and Asia: Experience and Policy. Zhang Jijiao and Howard Duncan (Eds.). New York: Springer.

2010. “Integration or Exclusion: Development Linkages of Migration and Networks from Bangladesh to Malaysia”. In Asian Cities, Migrant Labour and Contested Spaces. Jonathan Riggs and Tai-Chi Wong (Eds.) New York: Routledge. 91-109.

2008. “Toward a Sociological Approach to Migration”. In Theorizing International Migration: Integrating the Context of Bangladesh. AKM Ahsan Ullah and Pranab Kumar Panday (Eds.) Berlin:VDM-Verlag Publishing.

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2005:  Risking lives beyond borders: reflection on an international migration scenario. In International Migration of Population: Russia and Contemporary World. Iontsev Vladimir A (Ed). Max Press, Moscow(15):216-228.