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Ibrahim Awad
CMRS Director
 Professor of Practice of Global Affairs
tel 20.2.2615.1398  

Usha Natarajan

CMRS Associate Director

Associate Professor of International Law 

tel 20.2.2615.1397

Gerda Heck

Assistant Professor of Sociology

tel: 20.2.2615.1847

Maysa Ayoub

Project Manager

tel 20.2.2615.1356   

Eman Samir

Senior Administrative Assistant

tel 20.2.2615.1399

Naseem Hashim

CMRS Course and Training Coordinator

tel 20.2.2615.1394

Nourhan Abdel Aziz

Research Associate

tel 20.2.2615.1752

Refugee Entitlements in Egypt Project

Sara Abdel Ghany

Research Officer

tel 20.2.2795.6776

Dora Sobhy

Administrative Assistant

tel 20.2.2615.1391

Cairo Community Interpreter Project (CCIP) 

Alice Johnson

CCIP Director

Advisor Banner Self-service account

tel 20.2.6768/6766


AUC New Cairo 
Center for Migration and Refugee Studies
Research Centers Building, Second Floor
P.O. Box 74
New Cairo 11835, Egypt

AUC Tahrir Square
Center for Migration and Refugee Studies
Outreach Projects, Hill House, Fifth Floor 
Fifth floor, Room 507 
AUC Tahrir Square 
113 Kasr El Aini St.
P.O. Box 2511
Cairo 11511, Egypt