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Conferences, Workshops and Meetings

 International Cooperation in Responsibility-Sharing for Refugees in the Euro-Mediterranean Space 

October 9-10, 2017

The refugee crisis gripping the Middle East and Europe this decade is a tragedy for millions of children, women and men seeking protection in bordering countries. Host countries are facing challenges in providing for basic needs and ensuring livelihoods. Refugees fleeing persecution and violence are a common responsibility of the international community. Thus, the issue of how to share responsibility for their protection is persistent and crucial for sustainable solutions. 

In this context, a one-day roundtable was held at The American University in Cairo (AUC) on October 3, 2016 to discuss the issues raised due to the necessity to provide protection to the refugees and meet their needs in the Euro-Mediterranean space. The discussion was organized by the Center for Migration a nd Refugee Studies (CMRS) and the Middle East Studies Center (MESC) of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at AUC. Participants at the roundtable agreed on the need to convene a Conference on International Cooperation in Responsibility-Sharing for Refugees in the Euro-Mediterranean Space. In addition to addressing the specific refugee situation in the Euro-Mediterranean space, the conference will consider contributing to more general discussions about international cooperation regarding responsibility-sharing, including in the context of the Compact on Large Movements of Refugees. The conference will be hosted by CMRS from October 9 to 10, 2017 in AUC Tahrir Square.


UN-ESCWA – CMRS Expert Group Meeting

Endurance, Resistance, and Survival: Women and Girls in Conflict and Humanitarian Settings in the Arab Region

  October 7 - 8 2015 

The School of Global Affairs and Public Policy's Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, in collaboration with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, has held a Consultative Expert Group Meeting on the Social and Economic Situation of Women in Conflict Stricken Countries in the Arab Region on October 7 and 8, 2015. 

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss a study that examines the effects of various forms of conflict on women in contemporary Arab states and the socio-economic challenges they face. The study also addresses the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in safeguarding the rights and safety of women in situations of conflict and discusses structural changes (if any) and implications in women's political participation in recent uprisings and conflicts. 

The methodology, conceptual framework and preliminary findings of this study were presented at the meeting in order to identify any gaps and shortcomings and the participants proposed revisions and recommendations with the purpose of strengthening the study and its potential contribution to a better understanding of the issues in question.