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Photography Course Descriptions

The two photography courses in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (JRMC) look at the history of photography and develop students' practical and creative skills. Areas covered are: camera skills, composition, digital workflow, history of photography, photojournalism and documentary photography, developing assignment ideas and understanding images. This introduces the student to the basic ways to control technical, aesthetic and communication elements necessary contemporary photographic communication across the media.

Upon completion of these courses, the student will:

  • Have a basic understanding of how photographs are constructed as well as the ability to control cameras and image processing.  
  • Be able to think critically and develop photographic project.
  • Be able to evaluate their own work and the work of others
Critiques: Each student is required to present and discuss their work regularly.

JRMC 2230: Foundations in Photography
Instructor: Ronnie Close, Rehab Al Dalil and Ian Alan Paul
3 credits

JRMC 3330: Photojournalism and Documentary Practices
Instructor: Ronnie Close
3 credits
JRMC can supply students with cameras and other photographic equipment. There is a professional photographic studio in the department, as well as image processing software and dedicated labs.

Student Photo Work
Spring 2014
Fall 2013
Spring 2013