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  • Audio Production Course (JRMC 460):

    Course Description:

    This course provides hands-on skills and studio experience in audio/radio production, including the creation of original radio programming as well as coverage of matters of concern to AUC and Egypt.

    Course Learning Outcomes:
    • Understand rationales behind choice of themes of radio programs and spots
    • Understand how society utilizes radio as a means of information, education, service and entertainment
    • Explore during pre-production of programs and spots the role of each human source and institutions that have diverse backgrounds, interests and goals, and how that can enrich stories and help produce a well-balanced story
    • Develop capacity to make right decisions when reporting and writing for radio while adhering to concepts and theories 
of ethical principles
    • Engage in group work in which each member partakes in presenting ideas for radio programs and stories and designing plans for covering and producing, while learning to appreciate team work, criticism and free thinking
    • Develop capacity to conduct proper research prior to and during reporting stories for radio
    • Write clear and professional radio scripts in accordance to the U.S. style, bearing in mind the target audience and program objectives


    JRMC 460/A

    In JRMC 460/A, students learn a variety of audio editing, writing and delivery techniques. They gain hands on experience while conducting interviews, producing podcasts, promos as well as a long form audio documentary. Former radio host and producer Kim Fox is the professor for this course during Fall 2013.

    JRMC 460/B

    The class is involved in the complete production and recording of four programs that are based both on and off-campus. Six groups alternate the programs that are uploaded for listening weekly on Thursday. They are advised by the class instructor, Hanzada Fikry, who initiated the radio program in the department in 1999.