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Policies and Procedures

  • Priority for radio studio use goes to students enrolled in the JRMC audio production courses.

  • Students who request to use the studio MUST be current JRMC students.

  • Reservations can be made for the studio via this Google doc by entering your full name,
    ID number and email.

  • The studio can be reserved for a maximum number of two hours, including rehearsal time.

  • A maximum number of four persons are allowed in the live room.

  • A maximum number of five persons are allowed in the control room.

  • A maximum number of 10 persons are allowed in the editing room.

  • If you won’t be able to make your reserved slot, you are required to cancel at least two hours ahead of time.

  • Equipment is checked out and back in from room P010 in Abdul Latif Jameel Hall.

  • Except during class sessions, students may edit using Adobe Audition and/or Audacity on the four computer stations while others are using the recording studio with no need for reservation. Stop by the studio or call ext. 3464 or ext. 3460 to check availability.

  • JRMC students who are not enrolled in any JRMC audio production class or not JRMC majors at all should seek exceptional permission to use the studio from the department chair in order to authorize the JRMC technical supervisor, Mohamed Badawy, to allow studio use.