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MESC MA Theses

The following MA students are currently researching within the center:

"Palestine in the Egyptian Cultural Imaginary"
Claire Begbie

"Agents of Change: the Role of Youth in Post-Accord Stability in Lebanon, Israel-Palestine and Mozambique"
Jessie Steinhauer

"Principled Nonviolence and Political Islam"
John Roedel

"The War Of The Mountain (1983-1984): How Did The Druze Leadership Capitalize On This War To Alter A Status Of Political and Social Marginalization that dates back to the mid-nineteenth century?"
Lara Moenes Mikhail

"Surviving ISIS: Life-Stories of Yazidi Women"
Marian Rizkalla

"The Impact of Visual Texture Productions on the Lebanese Postmemory Generation"
Mohamed Gameel

"The Making of Modern Egyptian Men"
Passant Darwish

"Balsam abd al-Malik: A Forgotten Coptic Feminist and National Voice During the Interwar Years"
Vivian Fayez

"China’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East"
Yieun Kim

Recently completed MAs:

Negotiation of Space in Garden City: Urban Securitization, Gender, Everydayness and Affective Encounters.
Magdy, Diana (2018-05-14)

Between accumulation and (in)security: The real estate industry and the housing crisis in Egypt 
Mokhtar, Norhan Sherif (2018-01-29)

"Islamophobia in South Korea with a focus on Muslim migrants"
Han, Sang Yong (2018-01-21)

"Egypt's desert paradoxes, promises, and possibilities: A study of land reclamation policies along Cairo-Alexandria desert road"
Salman, Salwa Yehia (2018-01-18)