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MESC MA Theses

The following MA students are currently researching within the center:

"The Impact of Visual Texture Productions on the Lebanese Postmemory Generation"
Mohamed Gameel

"The Making of Modern Egyptian Men"
Passant Darwish

"China’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East"
Yieun Kim

Recently completed MAs:

"Representations of Palestine in Egyptian Cinema"
Claire Elizabeth Begbie, 2019

"The Vertical Integration of Youth in United Nations Peacebuilding: Exploring Peacebuilding in Sierra Leone and Lebanon"
Jessie Ellen Steinhauer, 2019

"Nonviolent Jihad: An Immanent Critique"
John Charles Roedel, 2018

"The Druze-Maronite sectarian clash in the War of the Mountain (1983-1984): The resilience of mid-nineteenth century Maronite-Druze enmities in the Druze collective memory and its impact on the dynamics and consequences of Harb Al Jabal"
Lara Moenes Mikhail, 2018

"Surviving ISIS: Life-Stories of Yazidi Women"
Marian Rizkalla, 2018

"Cross-Mediterranean Egyptian Migrants: A Discursive Analysis"
Sara Hussein, 2018