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Middle East - Asia Activities

Symposium: Egypt-Japan Cooperation in the Evolving Strategic Context of the Middle East and Asia, February 2019.

The Middle East Studies Center is active in the study of new, emerging and increasingly important Asian actors in the Middle East region and the relationship between the two regions. From 2017, MESC has hosted public lectures from the Indian, South Korean and Indonesian Ambassadors to Egypt. Ambassador Aly Erfan, Professor of Practice at MESC, was a guest speaker at the Asian Ambassadors' Group Meeting in January 2017 where he addressed the issue of the Arab League as a regional arrangement. 

Mason has presented his research to audiences at the Higher School of Economics, National Research University in Moscow, the Graduate School of International Area Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul, and to visiting undergraduate students from Tsinghua University at AUC. 

Mason co-hosted the 14th Korea - Middle East Cooperation Forum in Seoul on behalf of AUC, which was sponsored the Republic of Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mason was the moderator for the Japan - Arab Academic Dialogue ‘Towards Stability in the Middle East’ including the main lecture given by Professor Eiji Nagasawa from the University of Tokyo in 2017. In 2018, MESC hosted a delegation from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and is currently exploring new areas for cooperation, especially on joint research projects.

MESC continues to work on new projects and events in this area. For example, in 2019 Mason moderated a Tahrir Dialogue ‘From Crisis to Peace-Making in Korea’ with a presentation by Prof. Chung-in Moon, Special Adviser to the ROK President for Unification and National Security Affairs.

On February 5, 2019, MESC co-hosted with the Japan Institute of International Affairs an event titled Egypt - Japan Cooperation in the Evolving Strategic Context of the Middle East and Asia, supported by the Embassy of Japan in Cairo. The event brought together a number of presentations on topics including 'Towards Free and Open Indo Pacific Ocean: New Perspectives from Japan and its Possible Implication to the Middle East Region' and 'Lessons from Japanese - Egyptian Cooperation'. The keynote was given by H.E. Ambassador Kenichiro Sasae, Former Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan and President of the Japan Institute of International Affairs.

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MESC has received students of the Republic of Korea and Visiting Scholars from Japan and continues to attract interest from across Asia.