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Prospective Graduate Diploma Students

Graduate Diploma

The diploma program in Middle East Studies is designed to fill the need for familiarity with modern Middle Eastern culture and society, particularly for students who have not been exposed to an intensive study of the Middle East at the undergraduate level.

To obtain the diploma each candidate must demonstrate, in addition to the normal university requirements in English, proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic up to the completion of ALNG 1101-1102-1103.

Students are expected to finish the program in two semesters, though they may take up to four semesters to complete their requirements.

Core Courses (Choose three courses)

ARIC 5133 Islamic Institutions
ARIC 5232 Seminar on the 20th Century Middle East OR HIST 5223
ECON 5252
Economic Development in Middle East Countries
MEST 5201 A Critical Introduction to Middle East Studies
POLS 5235 Middle East Politics
SOC/ANTH 5290 Middle Eastern Societies and Cultures

Elective Courses Offered in Fall 2019 (Choose two courses)

ARIC 5102 Cairo in the Cultural Imaginary
ARIC 5137 International Trade 1000-1700: Egypt and the Mediterranean-Red Sea Trade
ARIC 5244
Death in Islamic Law and Islamic Theology
ECON 4094 Economics of Egypt
HIST 4215
The Marriage Crisis and the Middle East
HIST 4288-01 Selected Topics in the History of the Modern Middle East: Women & Gender
HIST 4288-02
Selected Topics in the History of the Modern Middle East: Arabs in America
HIST 4588 Selected Topics in the History of the United States: America in the Middle East
HIST 5222 Seminar on the Nineteenth-Century Middle East
MRS 5102 Migration & Refugee Movements in the Middle East and North Africa
POLS 4030 Special Top in Pols: Media Depictions of Contemporary Egyptian Politics
POLS 4375
Introduction to Egyptian and Islamic Law
POLS 4420
Issues in Middle East Politics
POLS 4502 Political Economy of Egypt and the Middle East
POLS 4605
International Politics in the Middle East
POLS 5258
Comparative Politics and the Middle East
PPAD 5154 Contemporary Security Issues in the Middle East
PPAD 5199 Special Topics in Public Policy and Administration: Role of UN and LAS in ME conflicts

Program FAQs

If you have any questions, read the frequently asked questions or email


The center offers several facilities that all students are encouraged to use at any time. more information can be found here

     Duration: One Year

   Fees 2019/2020

     Minimum Undergraduate GPA: 3.0

    Application Deadline

                                Fall 2020 Deadline is Feb 1, 2020

     Contact us

     Phone: +20.2.2615.1757


     Office of Admissions: 

     Phone: +20.2.2615.4040