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Bachelor of Arts

The BA in Middle East studies provides students with the opportunity to study a region of great importance. The broad and balanced program is taught by faculty members from departments such as anthropology, Arab and Islamic civilization, economics, history, political science and sociology.

120 credits are required: Six hours of colloquial or literary Arabic for non-Arabic speakers;
Core Curriculum (40 credits);concentration requirements (45 credits) 12 courses (36 credits) from 200/300 level and three courses (9 credits) from 400 level (85 credits total).

The rest (29-41 credits) should be general elective courses and be selected in consultation with a faculty adviser.

Course units given below are subject to change and are the latest example of curriculum available on this course of study.

Core (200/300 level) (36 credits)

ANTH 202/2101
Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 312/3301
Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East and North Africa
ARIC 246/2346
Survey of Arab History
ECON 201/2021
Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 215/2051
Economic History of the Modern Middle East
HIST 355/3213
State and Society in the Middle East, 1699-1914
HIST 356/3214
State and Society in the Middle East, 1906-Present
POLS 203/2003
Introduction to Political Science II
POLS 308/3408
Comparative Politics of the Middle East
SOC 303/3303
Social Movements
SOC 370/3085
Environmental Issues in Egypt

Required (Choose one course) (3 credits)

ARIC 343/3343 Birth of Muslim Community and Rise of the Arab Caliphates 
ARIC 336/3336 Studies in Ibn Khaldun
ARIC 353/3353 Muslim Political Thought

Core (400 level) (Choose three courses) (9 credits)

ANTH 425/4030 Women, Islam and the State 
ANTH 450/4050 Third World Development or SOC 450/4106
ANTH 460/4560 Development Studies Seminar or SOC/POLS 460/4560
ARIC 439/5142 Islamic Law 
ARIC 451/5133 Islamic Institutions 
ARIC 454/5134 Modern Movements in Islam 
ECON 415/4051 Seminar on Economic Development in the Middle East 
HIST 412/4290 Selected Topics in Modern Egyptian History. or 
HIST 462/4288 Selected Topics in the History of the Modern Middle East 
POLS 420/4420 Issues in Middle East Politics 
POLS 423/4523 The Political Economy of Poverty and Inequality
POLS 442/4542 Environmental Politics
SOC 450/4106 Critical Approaches to Development or
SOC 460/4560 Development Studies Seminar

Program FAQs

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     BA program established 1974

     Duration: Four Years

     Fees 2018/2019

     GPA: 2.7


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