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Visiting Professor

MESC Visiting Professor 2018-2019

Ambassador James Moran, Associate Senior Fellow, The Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels

1. Can you speak about your time as Head of the EU Delegation in Cairo?

I had the privilege to be the EU Ambassador in Cairo from 2012-16, a turbulent but fascinating time. The EU played a key part in the international effort aimed at bringing the parties together in 2012/14, and even if we were not successful this experience taught me a great deal about this unique country.

Later on I oversaw the start up of the EU's new neighborhood policy, which remains a work in progress, and I worked with the Arab league on regional issues, including the holding of a first ever EU-Arab summit. It ever took place in Sharm earlier this year.

2. You are here in Cairo again in May 2019 as Visiting Professor at the Middle East Studies Center - can you explain what activities you will be engaged in?

It is always good to be back in Cairo, and this time I'll be giving a lecture at AUC on that summit and its outcome, as well as participating in discussions on the future of EU-Arab relations.

MESC Visiting Professor 2017-2018

Professor Yahia Zoubir from KEDGE Business School in Marseille

In the Spring 2018 semester, Prof. Yahia Zoubir from KEDGE Business School in Marseille visited the Middle East Studies Center as Visiting Professor. During his time at the center, he engaged with students and gave a talk on 'Security Challenges in the Maghreb: The Nexus between Bad Governance and Violent Extremism' with particular reference to his personal and professional experiences of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mali and Niger. He also participated in a workshop on the Mediterranean and transnational security which took place at the New Cairo campus in May 2018. He will also participate in an edited volume along with the other participants.