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Middle East Studies

The Middle East Studies Center, part of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at The American University in Cairo, offers its students and visiting scholars a unique opportunity to engage with one of the world's most complex regions. Our graduate and undergraduate programs incorporate a wide array of courses from various academic departments, and students are allowed to structure their studies with considerable freedom.

The center finds itself in a cultural, political and academic hub of the Middle East. Cairo is a home and frequent destination of, the best scholars, artists and activists in the field. The city's rich offering of lectures, conferences and cultural activates allows us to bridge the gap between the classroom and real life in the region. For information on events in the center and in Cairo, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. For more information on life in Cairo, visit the AUC’s About Cairo page. 

The interdisciplinary nature of our programs and the opportunities the center and Cairo offer help students prepare for work in myriad subject areas and professions. Our alumni enter academia, diplomacy, the nonprofit sector, business, finance, public relations, journalism, cultural affairs and more. For more information on current students and alumni, visit our Student Profiles page.

Upcoming Events

Jun 2

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM: In this conference, Thomas Piketty will introduce some the main findings and debates that have surrounded his best-selling book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century. He will also present a Middle East perspective on the global inequality debate. What do we know about income and wealth inequality in Egypt and the Middle East region, and how does it differ from other parts of the world?
AUC Tahrir Square
6:00 PM


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