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2016/2017 At a Glance


Distinguished Visiting Professor Nasser Mansour to return to Exeter University in the UK. We thank Nasser Mansour for the time he spent this semester at AUC. As a distinguished visiting professor, he taught courses, gave lectures, worked on grant proposals, mentored students and collaborated with faculty members. We are grateful for his colleagueship and contributions, and we will continue to collaborate with this strong foundation. 


GSE Research Associate Ashley Parnell releases a white paper on Inclusive Education in Egypt. Ashley Parnell, a PhD candidate in curriculum and instruction at the University of Arkansas, has spent the spring semester with GSE working on a white paper regarding the trends, policies, projects and future directions for special education in Egypt. The paper is being presented to a high-level advisory group, and will serve as a launching pad to explore ways in which GSE can be more instrumental to this important issue. To read the paper and know more click here

Associate Professor Nagwa Megahed presented at the Academic Community Engagement Day on May 7, 2017 hosted by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Academic Community Engagement ProgramDr. Megahed presented the preliminary findings of the AUC interdisciplinary research project titled, "Integrating Effective Community-Based Learning Across Academic Disciplines."

GSE Research Associate Ashley Parnell publishes two new papers:
  • Ashley M. Parnell, Elizabeth R. Lorah, Alison Karnes & Peggy Schaefer-Whitby (2017): Effectiveness of Job Aids and Post Performance Review on Staff Implementation of Discrete Trial Instruction, Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, DOI:10.1080/01608061.2017.1309333.
  • Lorah, E.R. & Parnell, A. (2017). Acquisition of Tacting Using a Speech-Generating Device in Group Learning Environments for Preschoolers with Autism. J Dev Phys Disabilities.
Middle East Institute of Higher Education Director Malak Zaalouk publishes a book review in the International Review of Education. Zaalouk's paper examines the recent book edited by Lorraine Pe Symaco titled Education as a Humanitarian Response: Education and NGOs. 

International and Comparative Education Adjunct Professor Suzie Belal publishes a paper in the Journal of Research in International Education.  Belal's paper is entitled "Participating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: Developing international mindedness and engagement with local communities." 

Professor of Practice and Dean of AUC's School of Continuing Education Deena Boraie publishes a book chapter on assessment literacy. The title of the paper is Assessment literacy training for English language educators in Egypt. The paper was written with AUC faculty members Atta Gebril and Elizabeth Arrigoni. It was published in the new book by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Current Trends in Language Testing in the Pacific Rim and the Middle East: Policies, Analyses, and Diagnoses. 

Professor of Practice and Dean of AUC's School of Continuing Education Dr. Deena Boraie co-edits a book chapter on language assessment. The book is published by TESOL Arabia and is titled Language assessment in the Middle East and North Africa: Theory, practice, and future trends.

Middle East Institute of Higher Education (MEIHE) finishes the first round of workshops on school ethnographies and needs assessment with three faculties of education, which include Ain Shams, Helwan, and Alexandria. MEIHE also participated in the second workshop for the reform of Faculties of Education under the auspices of a partnership with the Supreme Council of Universities in Port Said.  

Associate Professor Nagwa Megahed spoke at the Ain Shams University Sixth Annual Scientific Conference: In recognition of her AUC-funded faculty research project, Nagwa Megahed was invited by the president of Ain Shams University to contribute to the university 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and presented a research paper at the Ain Shams University Sixth Annual Scientific Conference, held from April 10 ot 13.


Associate Professor Nagwa Megahed has been invited to join the Education Quality and Learning for All (EQUAL): A Global Research Network in Support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4. Megahed will attend its first Middle East and North Africa regional research planning meeting to be held on May 13 - 16, organized by the New York University's Global TIES for Children together with the United Nation's Sustainable development Solutions Network.

GSE Associate Professor and Dean Ted Purinton publishes a guest blog on the Huffington Post's column by Martin Blank, the Director of the US-based Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership: The article was co-authored with Carlos Azcoitia, and its title is "Community-focused Leaders Pushing Back Against Depersonalized Educational Reform." The article can be found here


23rd Annual AUC Research Conference is well attended: The Graduate School of Education hosted AUC's 23rd Annual Research Conference in early April on the topic of community. In addition to many GSE faculty members and students presenting papers at the conference, Malak Zaalouk, professor of practice and director of the Middle East Institute of Higher Education, delivered the closing keynote speech on the community schools movement in Egypt. Additionally, Laila Iskander, ex-minister of the environment, gave the opening keynote speech on the global trends in poverty reduction and good governance. 

GSE hosts film viewing on autism: Documentary filmmaker Noha El Hennawy presented her film in honor of Autism month. The event was organized by International and Comparative Education faculty member Gihan Osman. A panel including Ashley Parnell, research associate for GSE, and Russanne Hozayin, chair of the Department of International and Comparative Education, offered further insights on the topic following the film viewing. The film is titled The Autism Ordeal: Mothers Tell Their Stories. 
Associate Professor and Dean Ted Purinton presents at the annual meeting of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities: Based on the upcoming book co-edited by Assistant Professor Jennifer Skaggs and Ted Purinton to be published by AUC Press titled, American Universities Abroad: Leadership of Independent Transnational Higher Education Institutions, the presentation served as a reflective workshop for the presidents and provosts who contributed chapters to the book. The event took place at the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. 
GSE hires a new faculty member to start Fall 2017: Mustafa Toprak, former assistant professor of educational administration at Zirve University in Gaziantep, Turkey, will be joining the faculty of the Department of International and Comparative Education. Toprak completed his Ph.D. at Gaziantep University in 2015 in educational administration, supervision, planning and economics. His dissertation is titled "Involvement in Change and Commitment to Change: A Study of Public Schools."
Middle East Institute of Higher Education (MEIHE) hosts high-level workshop co-organized with the Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Universities. On the topic of reform of faculties of education, the MEIHE workshop included speeches by the ministers of education and higher education. Ultimately, the workshop engaged faculty of education deans, as well as faculty members, in the creation of a guiding framework for reform policies. 
Visiting Scholar Ehaab Abdou to speak on Egyptian history textbooks: Please join us on Sunday, March 12, from 4 to 5 pm in the Dr. Hamza AlKholi Information Center, Welcome Lounge (above the admissions office) for a lecture entitled: "What's in a Story? How the Nation's History Has Been Narrated in Egyptian Textbooks From the Early 1900s to the Present."
STEAM Education MOOC finished with over 18,000 learners: The first MOOC in Arabic on STEAM Education has now finished. The instructor, Heba El Deghaidy, has demonstrated significant leadership across the Arab world in STEAM education through this outreach effort. 

Erasmus Plus Kickoff. The new project headed by the Middle East Institute of Higher Education (MEIHE) was given a kick-off meeting in February on the AUC campus with all partners in attendance. Welcoming the team was AUC President Francis Ricciardone. We will undoubtedly continue to share the successes of this program throughout the upcoming three years. 


GSE has Big Presence at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Comparative & International Education Society held in Atlanta. The following papers were delivered by GSE faculty, students, alumni and friends: 

  • Kareem El-Samman - "Education and Social Economy in Egypt: A Critical Inquiry of Social Enterprises' Role in Supplementary Education"
  • Eman Maher Harb - "Empowerment in times of transition: The role of NGOs in Reforming Education in Egypt since 2011 In Event: 'Education and Social Economy': Examining Education Quality and Equality in Egypt and Jordan"
  • Reham Abdellatif - "Improving the Quality and Equality of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Egypt: Comparative-Qualitative Study In Event: 'Education and Social Economy': Examining Education Quality and Equality in Egypt and Jordan"
  • Nashwa Khedr - "The (Un)Making of Citizens; Challenges to a Transformative Citizenship Education in the aftermath of the January 25th Egyptian Revolution in Event: Tradition in transition: The Making and (Un)making of Citizens"
  • Nagwa Megahed - "Democracy, Education and Equality in Arab Countries: Tackling Structured Inequality in Access to Higher Education in Egypt"
  • Jason Nunzio Dorio - "Problematizing University Citizenship Education in Post-Revolutionary Egypt: Reimagining Universities for ‘Bread, Freedom and Social Justice’ In Event: Highlighted Session: Problematizing Education for Vulnerable Children and Young Citizens: Cases from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey"
  • Alia Ammar - "The Influence of the DSM on School Discipline Policy and Classroom Management in Private International Schools in Egypt In Event: Learning and Leadership Environments"
  • Jose Cossa - "Gender, Racial, Ethnic, and Epistemological Diversity and Inclusion: Beyond Representation in Comparative and International Education In Event: Rethinking (Comparative) Education across Generations"
  • Soha Hassan -  "The Quest for Meaning  Making During College Years: Examining Spiritual Development of Students in Egypt"
  • Ahmed El-Zorkani - "Low-to-No Budget: Enhancing Teaching with Technology Using BYOD in Egypt"

USAID Project on Afghanistan Higher Education Study Tour Completed

After two intensive weeks of training, Jennifer Skaggs and Shaimaa Awaad concluded their oversight of an incoming study group from Afghanistan as a sub-contract to FHI 360's work on higher education and workforce development in the country. Utilizing talent and expertise from across AUC, the group of University and ministry officials was taught the principles of effective curriculum development, student development, and university leadership. 


AUC Faculty Member Appointed as Minister of Education Though it is hardly news any longer, GSE is excited to welcome Tarek Shawki, former dean of AUC's School of Sciences and Engineering, to his new role as Minister of Education. We all wish him the best!

Visiting Scholar Ehaab Abdou publishes three new papers: 
  • Abdou, E. D. (2017). "Toward Embracing Multiple Perspectives in World History Curricula: Interrogating Representations of Intercultural Exchanges Between Ancient Civilizations in Québec." Textbooks. Theory & Research in Social Education, doi:10.1080/00933104.2016.1276500
  • Abdou, E. D., & Chan, W. Y. A. (2017). "Analyzing Constructions of Polytheistic and Monotheistic Religious Traditions: A Critical Multicultural Approach to Textbooks in Quebec." Multicultural Perspectives19(1). doi:10.1080/15210960.2016.1263961 
  • Abdou, E. D. (2017). "Construction(s) of the Nation in Egyptian Textbooks: Towards an Understanding of Societal Conflict." In M. Bellino & J. Williams (Eds.), (Re)Constructing Memory: Education, Identity and Conflict (pp. 75–98). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers. doi:10.1007/978-94-6300-860-0_4

A hearty welcome to Distinguished Visiting Professor Nasser Mansour GSE is pleased to welcome our colleague, Nasser Mansour, a Senior Lecturer in Science Education at the University of Exeter in the UK. Mansour has significant experience in developing, managing, and studying science education programs throughout the world, and he has done considerable work on diversity in education, pedagogy and many other relevant topics.

Director of Middle East Institute of Higher Education Elected as Chair of Governing Board of the UNESCO Institute for Life Long Learning

Malak Zaalouk was honored with this prestigious and influential position. She has already been bringing elements of this work to AUC, in part by teaching courses to undergraduate students on life-long learning and the emerging concept of learning cities.

Middle East Institute of Higher Education Wins Large European Union Grant

The Middle East Institute of Higher Education (MEIHE) is the recipient of a second Erasmus Plus award. This one, which begins now and continues for three years, takes the success of the first award and extends and solidifies it with new partners and a more in-depth model for capacity building of Faculties of Education. This project has a consortium of eight universities but will be coordinated by MEIHE. Partners include the University of Leicester UK, the University of Northampton UK, Martin Luther University Germany, University of Limerick Ireland,  Alexandria University, Ain Shams University, and Helwan University. The project aims at building the capacity of Egyptian Faculties of Education through an exchange of experience and learning with European partners. Congratulations to MEIHE and to its director, Malak Zaalouk.

GSE Higher Education Expert to Deliver Seminars on Higher Education Leadership
Jennifer Skaggs, assistant professor, will be delivering a series of seminars on leadership for student affairs and leadership for faculty development. The seminars will be delivered to leaders and aspiring leaders of any private (or public) university in the area, beginning in March. 

Diversity Consultant Tema Okun to Speak at AUC
The acclaimed author of The Emperor Has No Clothes: Teaching About Race and Racism to People who Don't Want to Know will be giving a public lecture at AUC titled "The Politics of Education: Collusion, Assimilation, and Liberation". In this presentation, Okun will reflect on the challenges to educators in the U.S. and internationally, as we face both a rhetoric and politic of increasingly overt race, gender, and class hatred designed to support the dismantling of the public sector, including schools. As educators, we are called upon to tread the fine line between adapting to survive and collusion with values and policies that actually do not serve us or our students. The institution of education already defines success as collusion and/or assimilation. Drawing from her experience as both a teacher and trainer, Okun will ask us to consider our power and responsibility as educators committed to the liberatory interests of our students. 

Undergraduate Minor Becoming Popular with AUC Students
The Undergraduate Minor in Educational Studies, which was approved just this year, is already becoming very popular with AUC students. Throughout the semester, we hope to have multiple opportunities to share with students the details of the minor and to promote it to all majors at the university. 

GSE Welcomes Team of University Leaders from Afghanistan
On February 6th, GSE welcomes 15 leaders from Afghanistan universities and ministries. They are here to learn about university and curriculum development. On campus for two weeks, they will be meeting with a variety of AUC faculty members, administrators, and students. This is part of a USAID-funded program on workforce development in Afghanistan; GSE is a subcontractor to FHI 360, an American agency that is supervising the project. 


New Funding for GSE

With recent donations from Exxon Mobil, the Egyptian Refining Company, Deutsche Bank, the National Bank of Kuwait, and a variety of other private donors, GSE is able to continue its pioneering efforts in delivering high-quality teacher professional development to public school educators. More details will be available soon about the impact of such programs.


Middle East Institute of Higher Education Director, Malak Zaalouk, in High Demand as Analyst and Advocate for Education Reform

In the past month alone, Malak Zaalouk has been asked to speak at a Higher Education Ministerial Conference, a meeting on Regional Quality Assurance, and a UNESCO workshop. She has also appeared on television frequently concerning various issues of education. Recent topics have included investing in quality education, rethinking education, faculty of education profiles, and general education reform issues. Also, she recently was renewed as a member of the Standing Committee of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.


GSE Faculty Members as Speakers at the EduForum

Malak Zaalouk, director of the Middle East Institute of Higher Education, delivered the keynote address at this conference for teachers at the Intercontinental City Stars Hotel. Ted Purinton, the dean, presented at a session on “Imagining the Future of Teaching." The conference was attended by hundreds of educators from across the city. The Graduate School of Education was a sponsor of the conference and had a very busy information booth in the lobby.


Assistant Professor Jennifer Skaggs Tapped for Multiple Student Affairs Projects

Jennifer Skaggs has been asked to serve as an editorial advisory panelist for the 3rd Edition of the UNESCO/IASAS book, Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education: Global Foundations, Issues and Best Practices. She has also just completed serving as a professional mentor in the International Association of Student Affairs and Services Inaugural eMentoring Project.


Adjunct Professor Publishes in Prestigious Journal

Susie Belal, who is scheduled to teach a course in the Spring 2017 semester on School Governance and Management, and is also an acclaimed science teacher at the New Cairo British International School (NCBIS), has a paper accepted in the Journal of Research in International Education titled, “Participating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: Developing International Mindedness and Engagement with Local Communities." The paper will be published in a forthcoming edition; when it is formally out, we will notify the GSE community. In addition, Belal also has a recent short article that was recently published in The International Educator under the title “Intended and Unintended Outcomes of Offering the IBDP." You can read it here.


GSE Faculty Members Present at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education

Jennifer Skaggs and Ted Purinton presented the concept of their in-press book on leadership in American international universities. The conference, held in Columbus, Ohio, is the key American conference on scholarship for higher education.


GSE Hosts two Visiting Scholars

Mona Makramallah has been in residence at GSE this fall semester. We are also privileged to host Ehaab Abdou, as well, who just arrived in November. Both are PhD candidates at McGill University in Montreal. They share an office on the second floor of the GSE building. 


GSE Faculty Members Showing Impact across AUC

Though GSE faculty members are avidly involved in improving the educational quality of the university, Jennifer Skaggs has two recent accomplishments: She spoke on a panel for the Celebrating Ideas on Reading at AUC and she delivered a lecture for the School of Continuing Education Public Lecture Series titled, “Making it Count: The Power of Purposeful Education”.


Professor of Practice and Dean of the School of Continuing Education Spoke at the Ninth Annual UNESCO International Teacher Task Force

Deena Boraie delivered a lecture on December 3 at this conference in Siem Reap, Cambodia, on the issue of teacher motivation and teacher working conditions.


Associate Professor Heba El Deghaidy Delivered Plenary Address for Regional Research Conference on Science and Mathematics Education

Heba El Deghaidy was a plenary speaker at a regional research conference on science and mathematics education at the American University in Beirut on November 26. El Deghaidy's talk was titled "A Paradigm Shift in TeacherEducation: Voices from the Arab region."