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       The Graduate School of Education


GSE is a model and disseminator of good educational practice and policy for AUC, for Egypt, and for the region. For AUC, GSE offers student-centered programs highlighting close faculty mentoring of students and engagement between faculty and students in applied research. It is both professional in its programmatic outlook, but intellectual and scholarly in its disciplinary focus that centers on its signature program, the MA in international and comparative education. For Egypt and the region, GSE applies, with a regional perspective, the emerging and increasingly applied educational knowledge created and disseminated from the most globally distinguished colleges of education. As a part of AUC, Egypt's "global university," GSE contributes by assimilating and adapting (and in some cases, creating) educational knowledge useful for practice and policy in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. In this way, GSE can and should be the best school of education in the region.



The Graduate School of Education (GSE) is the primary vehicle through which The American University in Cairo manifests its commitment to the innovation and improvement of education in Egypt and the Arab world. In particular, GSE aims to promote equity and excellence in education in Egypt and the region.


The Graduate School of Education serves as a catalyst for educational reform in Egypt and the Arab world. Through its focus on educational equity and excellence, GSE fosters communities of educational reformers, promotes educational research and prepares educational professionals for all levels. It supports and enhances the practices of reflective professionals, informed policymakers, effective educational leaders and empowered teachers.


  • Cultivates and supports educational reformers and technically qualified individuals who are able to impact instructional and policy systems
  • Develops and equips educational practitioners who use best practices, evidence and professional knowledge for instructional leadership and educational policy decision-making
  • Provides research to guide reform strategies in Egypt and the Arab World
  • Develops networks of reformers, practitioners as well as leaders who support one another through research, motivation and resources


  • International Standards: high expectations and latest evidence using disciplinary-based standards and benchmarks
  • Knowledge Base: utilization of accepted theory and evidence for practice and policy
  • Academic Activism: utilization of evidence theory to promote change and to serve communities and countries
  • Global Understandings: respect for diversity and responsible adaptation of best practices
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