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Educational Development: GSE faculty and students engage in the study, implementation and evaluation of projects, policies, social conditions and philosophies of educational development in Egypt, the Middle East, Africa and other developing regions.

Comparative Education: The field of comparative education provides scholarly analysis of educational systems across regions and countries, particularly given the increased global flow of policy ideas, research, and migration. At GSE, comparative education is a cornerstone of all our efforts with regard to reform, teacher professional development and educational leadership.

Higher Education Leadership and Policy: In order to equip increasingly globalized labor markets, the systems and structures of higher education must be improved. GSE faculty and students engage in deep study and innovative implementation of ideas that influence the outcomes, experiences and efficiencies of higher education in the region and across the world.

Higher Education Internationalization: GSE faculty and students are global leaders in analysis and implementation of internationalization strategies in higher education. From study abroad to joint research projects, or from transnational education to education in emergencies, GSE contributes widely to better approaches to internationalization in institutions of higher education.

School Leadership and Governance: The management, governance, and leadership of primary and secondary schools, whether public or private, national or international, poor or wealthy, are increasingly complicated but also important aspects of quality education. Research and practice provide evidence on how schools can be better managed. GSE provides insight and education on how leaders, school owners, school boards, government officials, and other educational leaders can improve the educational system in their schools.

Teaching and Learning: Learning is at the heart of all educational enterprises. From utilizing technology in the classroom to unique pedagogical techniques, GSE is a leader in the study and teaching of principles of quality education.

Teacher Professional Development: GSE has led the way for policy and practice in teacher professional development in the Middle East. Through evidence-based strategies and multi-national networks, GSE had modeled high-quality and effective professional development for educators at all levels.

STEAM Education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics + the Arts (STEAM) education typically focuses on encouraging more engagement with science and engineering, or increasing participation in science and engineering programs. The STEAM approach is fundamentally different in the way it emphasizes more innovative and engaging approaches to the study of traditional STEM subjects. Through practical application of academic concepts, interdisciplinary projects and the deliberate involvement of humanities and arts into STEM projects, traditional STEM subjects can be made more accessible and interesting to students.

Education for Refugee Youth: As a result of the political crisis in the Middle East, millions of families have been displaced, either inside or outside their home country. GSE contributes to the knowledge base of practice and policy for education for refugee youth, especially education for refugee populations that are in dire need of stability for their children. As refugee children are integrated into schools in Europe or other Arab countries, they face concerns regarding identity development. GSE provides knowledge on how schools, governments and educators can positively impact refugee children so that they feel a positive connection to their home countries and continue in their academic and social development.

School-based Reform: While most reform efforts are concentrated in centralized ministries, evidence shows that reform at the school level is just as important, if not more so. GSE provides direct and targeted assistance to public and private schools, focusing on both immediate and long-term needs within classrooms and across whole schools. 

Global Liberal Arts:  The growth of liberal arts institutions across the globe has expanded dramatically in recent years. From the first such institutions operating outside the United States—the American Universities in Beirut and Cairo—to the new institutions in Asia and Africa, there is great need to study their approaches and to assist in their development. GSE provides evidence, training and support in all of these areas.