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 MA in Educational Leadership


Are you a current or prospective educational leader who wants to bring your institution to the next level by creating lasting impact?


AUC’s MA in education leadership program (MA-EDL) prepares and empowers bold, visionary, and inclusive leaders for universities and schools. It is intended to promote strong educational practices by equipping leaders with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions held by transformational educational leaders across the globe.


Our MA-EDL Program is designed for educational professionals currently holding or seeking to take on leadership or management roles in their school or institution of higher education. The MA-EDL programs offer two study concentrations that provide specific applications for preK-12 school leadership and higher education leadership.

What makes AUC's  MA in Educational Leadership Unique?

  • Provides theory, evidence, and practical application for educational leadership in all types of educational institutions.
  • Features an international component providing an analytical lens through which students may serve as educational leaders in any country.
  • Focuses on professional skills that are transferable to any work setting.


Who Should Apply?

  • Individuals working in leadership and management positions in higher education or schools
  • Individuals wishing to move into leadership positions


  • Higher Education
  • Pre K-12 School Leadership

Topics Covered

Graduates of the MA-EDL program will understand and be able to apply the principles of instructional leadership, school or university governance, managerial leadership, organizational theory, program evaluation, and more. Within concentrations, students explore applications, evidence, and theory related to the specific types of institutions in which they work—schools or universities.


For more information and course details, click here or visit AUC catalog.