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Do you seek to make a difference in the educational system in Egypt or abroad? Are you a current educator, school owner, government supervisor, or NGO professional in the field of education, or interested in changing careers to make use of your experience and skills by teaching?

AUC’s highly sought-after Professional Educator Diploma (PED) program is right for you. We seek those who aim to improve themselves and their schools or organizations through studies focused on educational leadership, early learner education and adolescent learner education. Diversity is a primary strength of our PED program. The PED program is designed for the wide range of current and future professionals who are concerned with education in the world today. Whether you are teaching in the classroom, managing educational initiatives, or planning in your school’s boardroom, the issues affecting educational reform are the same. The diversity of students in the PED program classroom allows for rich discussion, experience-sharing, and innovative results. Collaboration and information-sharing among current and future leaders in education are key to sustained school improvement.

The AUC PED program offers four Diploma Tracks: Professional Educators Diploma in Educational Leadership (EDL), Professional Educator Diploma in Teaching Early Years Learners (CELE), Professional Educator Diploma in Teaching Adolescent Learners (TAL) and Professional Educator Diploma in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) 

  • These four diplomas are accredited by Egypt’s Supreme Council of Universities and recognized by Egypt’s Ministry of Education.
  • These are the only such programs available in Egypt in English.
  • Six courses can be completed in as little as 18 months.
  • Curriculum based on the principles of best practices in teacher education, as identified by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation in the United States, as well as leading-edge research and standards on teacher education from around the world.

Current or future educators earning the STEAM diploma will learn:

  • How students learn mathematics and science.
  • How to integrate arts into STEM.
  • Understanding how technology enhances student learning in STEM.
  • How to teach science and math through interdisciplinary projects.
  • How to use alternative assessment in conjunction with traditional assessment methods.
  • An overview on engineering as a process and how this process can be utilized to teach math and science.

Current or future educators earning the CELE and TAL diploma will learn:

  • The principles of human development, teaching and learning.
  • The variations in how children and youth learn in formal and informal settings.
  • How to utilize classroom technology in pedagogically productive ways.
  • How to work effectively with colleagues, parents, and community partners to deliver high-quality education.
  • How to develop and utilize effective assessments in order to better understand what students know and can do.
  • How to adapt instruction so that all children and youth can learn.

Current or future educators earning the EDL diploma will learn:

  • The same teaching and learning principles taught in the CELE and TAL diploma programs.
  • Strategies to become effective and engaging instructional leaders for their schools and organizations.
  • How to effectively work with parents and community partners to deliver high-quality instructional programs.
  • How to utilize resources in efficient and productive ways.
  • How to manage people respectfully and constructively.

Why do educators enroll in AUC’s PED program?

  • Eligibility for promotions in their schools or organizations.
  • Marketability in other schools or organizations, both internationally and domestically.
  • The Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt has granted equivalency status to AUC PED program for automatic Ministry of Education recognition.
  • The high quality of the programs, based on international standards of student-centered and engaging pedagogy.

Diploma Tracks

Educational Leadership

Teaching Early Years Learners

Teaching Adolescent Learners

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM)

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