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AUC Mail & Collaborative Tools
Software purchases for academic departments
AUC Mail
AUC currently hosts its email on Google Apps to provide ease of access and increased storage capacity for faculty, students and staff.
Mailing Lists
Mailing lists are an automated way to communicate with the AUC community. Mailing list are a collection of names and email addresses and are available for AUC departments for their communications.
Google Calendar
AUC Calendar is a Calendaring system hosted on Google Enterprise Cloud platform and it is integrated with AUC Email and other collaborative tools.
Google Docs
AUC Google Docs is a simple open office tool that is accessible from the web and helps easy collaboration and sharing of documents between participants.
Google Hangouts
Google Sites
Google Groups


UTI Network and Systems team successfully implementes the new Admission control system CPPM in New Campus student housing. ...
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You can use the Google Slides app on your mobile phone or tablet to present to any screen with Chromecast or AirPlay. The latest version of the Slide ...
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