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Telecommunications Unit 
The AUC technology office provides various communication services for faculty as well as staff across both campuses, including IP Telephony and faxes as well as voice mail and conference bridge  for individuals. For departments and schools, the office provides other valuable services such as bulk SMS facilities, and call center functionality.
IP Telephony and Faxes
The  Telecommunications Unit provides desktop telephony services as well as faxes for faculty and staff members at both campuses. Through the use of IP telephony solutions, the users are provided with various telephony features while simplifying their use and unifying the underlying network infrastructure. AUC New Cairo operates with Nortel/Avaya IP phones, and AUC Tahrir Square operates on Cisco IP phones, with seamless interoperability between both systems.
For increased availability and reachability on our IP telephony, the Telecommunications Unit provides the voicemail facility for all faculty and staff members of the AUC, with customizable welcome message for both internal and external callers. Voicemail facility may be provided to individual's extensions or as a single mailbox for a team or a department. Voicemail may be reached internally or externally from the comfort of your home.
Call Center (Departments)
The Telecommunications Unit hosts a professional grade call center server which allows the Telecommunications Unit to construct a call center service for departments and schools. The call center facility provides interactive voice response (IVR) service, queue management, comprehensive reporting, increased availability, and fully customized call scenarios to suit the department's needs. The call center facility serves both external and internal callers.
Bulk SMS (Departments)
The Telecommunications Unit provides a bulk SMS service for departments to communicate with their stakeholders (students, staff, faculty or alumni) more conveniently and efficiently. With just a few clicks, the user can send SMS messages to thousands of mobile phones.
Conference Bridge
One of the services provided by the Telecommunications Unit is the conference bridge which allows a group of people to participate in phone call by allowing participants to dial into a virtual meeting room from their own phone. 


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