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Network and Connectivity
Cable requests
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual private networks (VPN) is a networking tool that allows off-campus users to connect remotely to AUC internal resources and systems using a secure connection.
Wired Network Services
Wired Network Services provides data network connections to AUC community through high speed mesh network via physical cables and fiber connections.
Datacenter Services
AUC Datacenter services provides a convenient location to host IT Assets and services, Datacenter includes fully redundant UPS, power distribution, centralized A/C units and fire suppression systems.
Internet Services
Internet Services is available for AUC students, Staff, Faculty and researchers, The internet is provided by high bandwidth fully redundant links
Wireless Services
Outdoor Wireless coverage is available in outdoor area and parking lots it provides 802.11 a/b/g wireless  protocol, Access is granted for AUC community using their Email credentials.

Wireless access is provided to faculty, students and staff using Email credentials to access online resources, AUC-Wlan covers all university campus including Tahrir Campus and outdoor spaces.



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