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Second Life
Come and Explore a New World
What is Second Life?
Second Life is an online virtual 3-D world open to public since 2003. Around three million people are currently accessing it. Each Second Life user, called resident, can create his/her own character, which is called an avatar. Feel free to change your avatar's appearance, age, gender and color.
With your avatar, you can visit any place (shopping malls, universities, museums, countries, etc.) attend events, learn different languages or talk to other people from different nationalities and cultures.

Second LIfe is an ideal platform for engaging students in creating their own learning activities, experiences and environments. It is a rich medium for encouraging collaborative learning, research projects, simulation, filmmaking, storytelling movies and language learning.
Getting Started with Second life
In order to start second life you will need to create an account in Second Life world. To do this, follow these simple steps.

AUC Virtual Campus
Come and take a tour of our new AUC virtual campus on Second Life. Enjoy navigating the campus, holding virtual classes, and sitting and chatting with your friends in the lovely green areas.