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About the Program

UACT offers a comprehensive computer literacy training program to the AUC community, to prepare each individual to face the challenge of a rapidly evolving technological environment, and to cope with demanding schedules, deadlines and changing needs.

Three fundamental tracks exist in our program, and include basic computer literacy skills, Internet-related skills and a more specialized track for more experienced users.

Our basic computer literacy skills program is designed to educate the user from basic computer orientation to becoming proficient in commonly used desktop applications including the Office Suite.

The Internet-related track prepares the user for harnessing the power and resources of the largest network in the world, and includes communication skills in various forms, including email, newsgroups and interest groups, as well sessions designed to educate the user in locating required information and resources on the net.

Our specialized training track is aimed at the more experienced user, and offers a range of courses that span many spheres of interest including graphic design, web development and statistical analysis.

Our entire training program is in a constant state of enhancement and expansion. Check our Website regulalry for new courses added to our existing tracks, and upgraded courses that reflect new software versions.

For training registration, please send an email to, specifying your preferred course(s) and your available time schedule. We will get back to you with the exact time and place of your training session.