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Innovative Sustainable Model for the Communities of the 21st Century (ISMC 21st)

This project aims to develop an Innovative Sustainable Model for the Communities of the 21st Century (ISMC 21st) and is funded by the Misr El-Kheir Foundation. ISMC 21st will introduce innovative approaches to ensure full participation of community members in all development activities, maximum possible productivity, minimum use of non-renewable energy, zero waste, zero unemployment and zero illiteracy.

The second phase will be the pilot implementation of ISMC 21st in an action area of 60 acres of Fayyoum’s desert backyard. The success of the pilot implementation will encourage replication of ISMC 21st and implementing it in 400 villages planned in the desert backyards all over Egypt.

Marginalized poor youth will be the first target group. ISMC 21st will follow an innovative community-based design for greenhouses and use local, natural building materials. The concept of ISMC 21st will also include the creation of new green jobs and the design of a vocational training program. It will cover the dimension of green economy, including business models for investors as well as microfinance models for young entrepreneurs. In ISMC 21st, every family member will have an income generation model that makes the community fully productive and achieves zero unemployment. ISMC 21st will be fully based on a green water and energy approach, and the use of green modes of transportation and communication. The concept will include all the services, governance and management systems which ensure the sustainability of the community.

                                                          Funding from


  • Housing and Building National Research Center, Egypt
  • Organization for Reconstruction and Development of Egyptian Village, Egypt