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Slum Development Working Group

The Slum Development Working Group (SDWG) is an interdisciplinary group initiated by the CSD in January 2012 which includes representatives from AUC schools and a number of research centers. It is devoted to contributing to the sustainable upgrading of slums and the improvement of living standards for deprived populations currently dwelling in the vast informal areas throughout Cairo.

The SDWG’s main task was to consult and assist Ma’an nongovernmental organization, which raised a large amount of funds but lacked capacity for slum upgrading. In the course of the partnership, the Ma’an representatives were increasingly made aware that sustainable upgrading of these deprived neighborhoods is not only a technical urban development challenge but a much wider socioeconomic and organizational restructuring program. This is reflected in the strategy document the working group produced, which includes guiding principles and recommendations for a comprehensive and sustainable slum upgrading strategy from a multidisciplinary perspective. The strategy document was presented at a symposium with representatives from different stakeholders, including the public Informal Settlement Development Facility on April 6, 2014. The CSD is eager to further encourage the dialogue in different fora and facilitate the exchange of know-how in hands-on projects.

Read the report AUC Input for Egypt's Strategy for Dealing with Slums for the details of the outcomes of the working groups.