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Solar Thermal Systems in Egypt

The aim of this project is to adapt the available technology of solar thermal systems for the Egyptian tourism industry with a focus on the Red Sea coastal region, with a long-term objective to enable the Egyptian partners to locally manufacture thermal systems. The transfer of knowledge from Austria will be enabled through collaborative research and training programs. The total budget of this project, 1 million Euros, was granted by the Austrian Development Cooperation.

The project activities include the installation of independently produced solar panels, as well as the installation of solar thermal plants for research and development purposes. In collaboration with Heliopolis University and the CSD, a nationally recognized training program for solar technicians has been created to attract the necessary skilled labor for the growing solar industry. To promote this industry in Egypt, financial institutions will be trained on the technical background and financial models for solar thermal systems in the local context.

The primary goal of these training sessions is to create a basis for local financial institutions, banks and business people without a technical background to create financial models for renewable energy projects such as solar thermal plants. Besides the technical aspects, the training sessions include topics such as cost calculation, financing, project management, international market development, marketing and sales.



  • SEKEM Energy, Austria
  • Green One Tech, Austria
  • PINK, Austria
  • Technical Engineering Office Reischl, Austria
  • BFI Burgenland, Austria
  • Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development, Egypt
  • SEKEM Holding, Egypt
  • Housing and Building Research Center, Egypt