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Our Facilities

AUC New Cairo

The present RISE facilities on the New Cairo campus consist of offices located in the Campus Development Building (formerly the Site Office Building), a small building adjacent to the Campus Development Building built by RISE and presently shared with the landscape unit, and a community garden plot located adjacent to the swimming pool. In addition, in the area now shared with landscape, there is covered parking lot, an outdoor pavilion classroom, two double-span greenhouses, an office for the greenhouses and an area for experimental plots.

Sadat City Station

Sadat City Station, located half-way between Cairo and Alexandria, was built following a land acquisition of 27 acres in 1986. It is used for training under the NICHE project and as a base of operations for field research in the new lands area, as well as a point for the delivery of analytical services to stakeholders in the area. The main brick building contains two interior courtyards and four ranges of rooms used as offices, laboratories, a lounge and kitchen, and accommodation for four staff members who overnight at the station during the week. The station is surrounded by different types of farmers producing mainly horticultural crops using drip and sprinkler irrigation systems. The communities of Sadat City derive their water from Nile canals as well as underground wells.