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Service to Community
RISE brings a depth of knowledge concerning the design, operation and performance of key aspects of the University environment, adding value to the University’s academic programs. Outreach and raising the public awareness of environmental issues are important components of the RISE service objectives. RISE continues the DDC tradition of being engaged with University projects for which it has useful knowledge and expertise. 

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rrent Service Projects

AUC's Sustainable Campus Committee is a committee of students, staff and faculty that aims to bring together people from around AUC interested in sustainability and the environment. The committee creates a space to exchange information, develop and share ideas, promote research collaboration and organize awareness-raising events on campus. Our goal is to work together towards making AUC more sustainable! To find out when the committee's next meeting will take place, email research coordinator Tina Jaskolski. All members of the AUC community are welcome to join!

Every year, AUC extends Earth Day into a weeklong festival that celebrates the earth while raising awareness among AUCians about environmental conservation and sustainability. Traditionally, activities are designed to align with initiatives already in action on campus. Events include lectures, information booths, musical performances and even flash mobs.

RISE partakes in this event to celebrate AUC's students, faculty, staff and alumni as a raffle ticket location. Community members can learn about the various research, education and service projects occurring at RISE and race each other in an obstacle course modeled after our aquaponics system.  

May 2013, AUC hosted a mobile applications contest. Two students, Khaled Zayed and Omar Khairy Maklad, collaborated to develop an application to combat the major traffic problem in Egypt. At the time, AUC was spreading awareness around campus and encouraging students to carpool together by providing them with free parking. Khaled and Omar got in contact with Tina Jaskolski from RISE and Aya Saad from UACT, and they agreed on implementing the new community based carpooling system exclusively here at AUC. "The main problem with carpooling," says Khaled, "is that people don't trust strangers. By limiting a carpooling system to a single community, we think this problem can be solved. Drivers and passengers can collectively save time, save money and resources and, most importantly, reduce the number of cars on the road." Khaled and Omar plan to integrate Nomad's program into other university and company systems around Egypt.

  • Trash Monster Initiative 

Created by the Sustainable Campus Committee, the Trash Monster campaign is a recycling initiative, made up of five videos demonstrating how to use the recycling stations around campus through the off-beat adventure of a friendly monster as he sacrifices his love of trash for the importance of recycling. These videos can be seen on AUC's YouTube channel