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Our Training Program
RISE provides practical training on the following topics:

For information on training courses, prices and to sign up, email Yara Moustafa at or call 2615.4908.

Introduction to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Topics offered include general as well as specific subjects such as biological and chemical crop protection methods, personal safety, main pests and diseases and control methods. This course includes practical training in spraying as well as an excursion to the RISE research station in Sadat City. 

Introduction to Solar Systems
Obtain an introduction to photovoltaics technology, solar energy in Egypt, all components of a solar energy systems, and learn how to design and install a solar system. 

​Building with Earth
Offered in partnership with KAYAN Community Builders Academy, this is a hands-on course on sustainable architecture that includes paricipation in the construction of a rammed earth building in the Western Desert oasis of El Heiz.

​Sustainable Business Development
What are the secrets of developing your business into a sustainable business? Offered in partnership with KAYAN Community Builders Academy, this course uses the PROSEM Peer-to-Peer Model for Sustainable Business Development.

​Rooftop Garden Construction
This course is a practical course on how to design and implement a rooftop garden in Cairo. Learn about different types of rooftop gardens, design a garden, and learn how to mix growing media, how to install a rooftop irrigation system and how to plant. This course is delivered on RISE's green roof and includes fieldwork at a rooftop garden construction site in greater Cairo.

​Sustainable Landscape Construction
This course, offered with KAYAN Community Builders Academy, provides detailed information on sustainable landscape designs, including a practical module on designing a garden. The course includes two day trips to Monofiya for hands-on practical experience on implementing a sustainable waste water recycling garden.

Water Management, Fertigation and Irrigation
Participants attending this course will learn about water management equipment, different types of irrigation systems and their efficiency, designing and installing irrigation systems as well as operating and maintaining fertigation systems.
Farm Management
This course topic focuses on how to manage the farm internally, problem expectation, solving and decision making, and how to follow market trends in designing marketing plans.

​How to Run a Sustainable Office
This course provides practical tips and training on how you can turn your office into a sustainable office. Learn how office managers and employees can act sustainably in their daily operations, protecting the environment and saving the office considerable amounts of money.

​Participatory Project Management
This course provides an overview of participatory approaches to project management as well as practical training on how you can apply these approaches to your project.

​Community-Based Microfinance Schemes
Obtain an overview of different types of organizing and implementing sustainable microfinancing schemes for communities. The course includes the development of a microfinance scheme for the Western Desert oasis community of Abu Minqar as well as a field trip to the oasis.

​Sustainable Communities and Heritage Conservation
This practical course is carried out in the old town of the oasis of El Heiz in Egypt's Western Desert. The course contains practical training on how to map and preserve community heritage, and an introduction to how to conserve old buildings. 


Quality and Food Safety
Delivering products of premium quality is what makes an organization successful. This subject covers a wide range of courses such as quality control, quality assurance, different certifications as well as the basic principles of health, safety and hygiene.
Soil and Plant Nutrition Management
Soil management and plant nutrition are key factors in reaching a successful yield and healthy crops. This topic covers subjects such as soil and water analysis, soil assessment, nutrient analysis in the soil and plant nutrition needs.
Crop Production, A Crop from A to Z
Participants attending this course will gain valuable information on a specific crop, from soil preparation to deliverance in the market.
Nursery and Greenhouse Management
This topic covers subjects that include greenhouse construction, seed and seedling quality assessment as well as grafting of different crops.
Waste Management
Participants attending this course will understand the importance of waste management for a better and cleaner farm as well as compost production for their crops.
Agricultural Machinery
This topic focuses on the operation, maintenance and calibration of the different agricultural machinery such as tractors and harvesters.