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Solar Conference


Third International Conference on Solar Energy Solutions for Electricity and Water Supply in Rural Areas

Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE)
The American University in Cairo (AUC)

November 7th – 10th, 2018


Following a successful First and Second International Conference of this series, RISE will host a third conference at AUC in November of 2018. The conference aims to showcase and discuss promising approaches and applications for different types of renewable energy as sustainable solutions for rural populations with no access to centralized power and water supply. The focus is on solar electricity and its economic applications for village electrification and the supply of safe drinking water. 

The conference is organized by RISE, the German company AUTARCON, an innovative enterprise focused on renewable energy use in water provision for rural areas, the German solar energy umbrella organization SolarInput, the German company Sustainable Concepts, the German University in Cairo, and the TU Berlin in El Gouna.

The first two days of the conference will be held at the Conference Center on AUC's New Cairo campus. The third day is a practical day of hands-on workshops organized by renewable energy companies and specialists at RISE, and the fourth day is a one-day excursion to renewable energy projects in the vicinity of Cairo. Sessions have not yet been confirmed. Please check back for more details.

Conference early bird registration will be open June 1st, 2018. Check back for the link.


Call for Papers 

The conference committee will soon be inviting abstract submissions for the following sessions, held on November 7th and 8th, 2018 at the Conference and Visitor Center at AUC New Cairo:

  1. International and national problems in energy and water supply for rural areas
  2. Renewable energies for sustainable water management: The water energy food nexus
  3. Social challenges for sustainable resource management in rural areas
  4. Technical innovations in solar energy
  5. Business models for renewable energy solutions
  6. Technical innovations in solar energy for sustainable water management
  7. Technical innovations in water filtration, water recycling and management; Drinking water treatment and water recycling based on solar energy
  8. Policy parameters and development goals for renewable energy and water supply
  9. International case study examples of community-based solutions for solar and water supply
  10. Egyptian case study examples of community-based solutions for solar and water supply
  11. Building and construction solutions for the sustainable supply of energy and water
  12. Financing models and payment systems for renewable energy solutions and final discussion


Please submit a 500-word abstract, indicating the session it belongs to and stating whether you prefer a paper or poster presentation, by August 1, 2018 to The abstracts will be reviewed by our international conference committee. If your abstract is accepted, you will receive confirmation from us by September 9th, and a full paper will be due by October 15, 2018. You will be required to hold a 15-minute presentation at the conference if you submit a paper, and a five-minute presentation if you submit a poster. The paper presentations will be published in the conference proceedings and the posters will be exhibited throughout the conference.

For any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at


Conference Workshops

A number of workshops, organized by renewable energy companies and specialists, will be held at the RISE facilities on Friday, November 9th, 2018. The workshops will cover a range of topics:

  1. Sustainable drinking water solutions
  2. Solar energy  basics
  3. Solar energy practical
  4. Solar pumping practical
  5. Renewable energy based greenhouse technologies
  6. Sustainable waste water management

 Registration for these workshops will open in August 2018


Conference Excursion

More information about the conference excursion will be posted on this page soon. Registration for the excursion will open in August 2018.


Conference Organizers




Sustainable Concepts

The Germany University in Cairo (GUC)

The TU Berlin in El Gouna


Conference Committee

Hubert Aulich, SolarInput/Sustainable Concepts, Germany

Tina Jaskolski, RISE, AUC, Egypt

Richard Tutwiler, RISE, AUC, Egypt

Angela Davis, RISE, AUC, Egypt

Amir R. Aly, GUC, Egypt

Florian Bauer, TU Berlin El Gouna, Egypt

Carsten Riechelmann, TU Berlin El Gouna, Egypt

Alexander Goldmaier, AUTARCON, Germany

Philipp Otter, AUTARCON, Germany


Conference Flyer


Conference Program  Coming soon

Conference Supporters








Second International Conference on Solar Energy Solutions for Electricity and Water Supply in Rural Areas

Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE)
The American University in Cairo 

October 12 - 15, 2016

The conference’s Organizing Committee is very pleased that the second event in this new conference series, held at AUC’s New Cairo Campus between October 12th and 15th 2016 was larger, more interactive and more diverse than the first conference held in October 2015. The event was hosted by RISE and was organized by Sustainable Concepts, SolarInput, AUTARCON, the Technical University of Berlin (TU) El Gouna Campus, and the German University in Cairo. This year, the conference was attended by a total of over 150 participants, presenters and experts.

One take-away note from the final feedback session at the first conference in 2015 was that the event was lacking rural voices in the discussion about rural problems and solutions. This year, we were very happy to host eight community partners in RISE solar and water projects from very remote areas of Egypt – the oases of Abu Minqar and El Heiz in the Western Desert and the community of Abu Ghusun, located south of Marsa Alam. The representatives of these rural areas in Egypt presented their problems in obtaining reliable water and electricity services, as well discussing some of the solutions they had implemented as part of development initiatives for local communities. The community representatives’ enthusiastic and critical input drove many of the discussions throughout the first two days of the conference and was a valuable and necessary addition to this event.

This year’s conference was attended by participants from Egypt, Germany, Austria, the UK and the USA. The event was opened with special addresses from AUC’s President Francis J. Ricciardone and AUC’s Dean of Sciences and Engineering, Dr. Hassan El Fawal. Keynote addresses from Dr. Hubert Aulich, representing Sustainable Concepts, Dr. Richard Tutwiler and Dr. Martina Jaskolski, both representing RISE, drew links between global sustainable development goals and rural solutions, presented the pressing issues surrounding water scarcity and sustainable electricity provision in Egypt, highlighted the important connections between water and electricity, and emphasized the need to produce participatory, sustainable solutions that can be successfully implemented in rural communities. Over 50 speakers presented in a variety of sessions, workshops and as part of a panel discussion. Interesting case studies, new technologies and interesting solutions were presented by speakers from numerous Egyptian universities and companies. Eleven participants received a scholarship from Sustainable Concepts to attend the conference and the conference workshop. Seven companies presented their products and innovations at exhibition booths at the conference facility.

This year’s conference format contained two days of sessions at AUC’s Conference Center, followed by a one-day excursion and one day of practical workshops held at RISE. The conference excursion was a day trip to El Koraymat Solar Plant in Beni Suef. The interactive workshop gave groups of students a chance to work with representatives from Schneider Electric, SolarizEgypt, AUTARCON, TU El Gouna and RISE on hands-on, practical sessions involving innovative water and electricity solutions. The workshop was attended by students from several different Egyptian universities, as well as by several young working professionals. The workshop was seen as very beneficial by all participants, as it enabled students to catch a glimpse of technological innovations developed by leading companies working in the field of sustainable solutions. It also presented a platform to network with peers and business representatives in a relaxed, interactive environment. 

Conference Flyer

Conference Program

Conference Proceedings






First International Conference on Solar Energy Solutions for Electricity and Water Supply in Rural Areas


Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE)
The American University in Cairo 

October 7th – 10th, 2015

Our conference hosted by AUC and RISE was attended by almost 100 participants from Egypt, Germany, Malawi, the UK, the USA, Spain, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. More than 25 papers and presentations were given, and participants were able to get involved during a workshop session, a panel discussion and poster presentation session. The feedback we received from speakers, exhibitors and participants has been overwhelmingly positive, both in terms of conference content and the format chosen for the conference.

As was convincingly shown in the keynote addresses by Dr. Tutwiler, Dr. Aulich and Dr. Laamrani, our conference not only addressed two key Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations – energy and water – but also contributed to the strive to develop sustainable energy and water solutions for the Middle East, North Africa and beyond. Case studies and solutions presented from Africa, the US and Europe gave the attending scientists, researchers, students and company representatives the feeling that there are many positive, innovative approaches to sustainable energy and water supply in rural areas.

Following the conference, a two-day field trip attended by 27 participants facilitated a visit to the biggest wind park in the world located at Zaafarana and a visit to St Anthony’s Monastery on the Red Sea which gave attendees a chance to see a well-functioning 200 kWp PV-System. The trip also showed all participants the huge potential Egypt has for generating electricity by using solar PV and wind.

Conference Flyer

Conference Program

Conference Proceedings