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Arabic Language Intensive Program for Professionals and Diplomats

Since its founding, the Arabic Language Intensive Program (ALIN) has been the premier choice for professionals and diplomats who want to learn Arabic, serving students from a wide range of countries that include Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea and the United States.

The program offers tailored courses that meet the diverse needs of professionals and diplomats, including modern standard Arabic (MSA); reading and writing; printed and aural media; translation and interpretation; readings in politics; economics; literature; history and Quranic studies; as well as courses in spoken MSA and Egyptian colloquial Arabic.

The program has been designed to provide maximum flexibility to students. Therefore, electives may be offered depending on student needs and would typically include a minimum of 20 contact hours for intensive courses. Classes run Sunday through Thursday, during the fall and spring semesters. 

There are two study options as follows:

·         Option 1: Students may study for a minimum of 20 contact hours (transferable 12 - 15 credit hours)

·         Option 2: Students may study on a part-time basis and take a minimum of five contact hours per semester to study a course of their choice

Classes are conveniently located at AUC Tahrir Square. Offerings include:

  • Customized courses that are tailored to professionals and diplomats who are studying Arabic
  • Small-size classes
  • Speech correction sessions
  • Preparation for foreign ministry's Arabic-language exams
  • Flexible program duration from one semester, up to three years
  • A unique opportunity to learn Arabic in a short time
  • Outstanding teachers with extensive experience in teaching Arabic to foreigners
  • Wide variety of courses, cultural trips and tours

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