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Attendance Policy

Attendance and participation in classroom sessions are essential to the process of education at AUC. Students benefit from lectures and discussions with their teachers and fellow students. Students who fail to attend class fail to take advantage of a great educational opportunity, and being absent and/or tardy will definitely affect students’ grade of that day.  For this reason, students are required to attend classes regularly. Students will miss on issues like interpersonal skills, critical thinking as well as other classroom activities that would fulfill the objectives of the lesson and that could not be realized by out of class readings/writings, etc.  It will also affect the pace of the following class and thus, hinders students’ acquisition of new material.


 The Intensive programs (ALIN):

The intensive Programs’ policy is that after a total of 20 unexcused hours of absences from classes student will be grounds to ask the absentee to withdraw officially from the program.  If absence continues with no specific excuse, student may be asked to withdraw from program. If any student is ill, or have any other legitimate excuse for being away from classes, he/she must notify ALI office by email, then bring a document supporting his/her excuse. Sick reports from a doctor will have to be approved by the university physician.