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Undergraduate Arabic Requirement

Required to Sit for the Arabic Language Placement Exam:

All non-Thanawiya Amma students are required to sit for the Arabic language placement exam, which is ONLY administered by the AUC Department of Arabic Language Instruction to determine their Arabic language level. Based on the result of the Arabic language placement exam, students will fall into one of the following categories:

1.   Exempted from Arabic language courses

2.   Required to take one Arabic language course (3 credits)

3.   Required to take two Arabic language courses (6 credits)

Exempted from the Arabic Language Exam and Arabic Language Courses:

1.   Thanawiya Amma holders or Equivalent

2.   Non-Thanawiya Amma holders who have passed the Arabic test administered by the Egyptian Ministry of Education prior to enrolling at AUC

3.   Holders of the IGCSE/GCSE degrees who have also achieved a minimum grade of C in the IGCSE's Arabic as a First Language exam

Transfer Students:

Holders of the certificates below should follow the table to decide on the Arabic language placement exam and the Arabic language courses:

Effective Fall 2018 



Minimum Score/Grade

AUC/ALNG Arabic Language Placement Exam

German Abitur from Egypt



Exam Required



International Baccalaureate

HL subjects

Arabic B


Exam Not Required

 Arabic A: Language and Literature  5  
Exam Not Required
 Arabic A: Literature  5  Exam Not Required

French Baccalaureate (Series S, Serie L and ES)

Effective Admission to AUC in Fall 2015

Arabic Level 1,2,3


Exam Required

A level

(Arabic: Edexcell)


Exam Not Required



 ARBS 9680 (Cambridge)  B Exam Not Required