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Arabic Language Classes


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ALNG is part of the Department of Arabic Language Instruction programs. The ALNG unit provides regular Arabic language courses for a minimum of 3 credits a course to degree and nondegree students. ALNG offers tailored courses that meet the diverse needs of all students and cater to undergraduates and graduates who need to fulfill their Arabic requirements. The unit offers courses at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). There are two tracks for Modern Standard Arabic classes: regular and accelerated. Arabic courses under selected topics cover, but are not limited to, Arabic for career purposes, media and Egyptian culture in film. While many courses are offered during the academic year, some courses may be canceled due to low enrollment. ALNG may also offer some intensive classes during the winter and/or summer. ALNG students must take an ALI placement test. To see all ALNG courses, please go to the “Courses” link on the homepage. To contact us, please send an email to

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Degree Students

  • Undergraduate Students
Since the University is set in an Arabic-language speaking milieu, it expects each student to have an appropriate knowledge of the Arabic language. Thus, all undergraduate full-time students entering AUC may be required to take up to two courses in Modern Standard Arabic to meet the University’s Arabic-language requirement for their bachelor's degrees. Exemption and required number of courses are based upon the results of the placement exam. For more details on Arabic-language requirements for undergraduate students, please click here.


Timely Completion Policy for Arabic Language Requirement

All students must sit for an Arabic language placement exam during their freshman year unless they have submitted a Thanawiyya Amma certificate or its equivalent before the date of the last placement exam for any given academic year. Based on the placement exam score, students will either be exempted from required Arabic Language courses, or be required to take one or two sequenced courses. Students exempted from Arabic may still opt to register in elective Arabic courses.


  • Graduate Students

ALNG also provides a proficiency placement exam service for other departments in AUC. Departments using this service are urged to ask their applicants to take the Arabic placement exam upon their admission. Because the ALI proficiency placement test is open on scheduled days and times each semester, the respective department should:

  1. Visit the ALNG webpage regularly to check the exam info and instructions.
  2.  Send the applicant(s) info (student name, ID, and affiliated department) to prior to the exam.

After the exam, ALNG will send the level of the applicant to his/her department. Because each department may have different rubrics/score for the required level of Arabic, please note that it is the applicant’s department to decide whether s/he is exempted from Arabic or a number of courses should be taken to meet the rubrics. So, applicants need to contact their departments to know the result of their Arabic exam and translate their Arabic level into a numeric score.

In order for the graduate students to improve their Arabic, they may take the Arabic classes offered by ALNG.  For more information, please contact us at


Study Abroad and Nondegree Students
  • Applicants who are not seeking an AUC degree, but wishing to take AUC courses for academic credit may be admitted as non-degree students if they meet the minimum requirements for AUC admission. AUC is both a U.S.-accredited institution, and one recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt. Therefore, degree-seeking students at other recognized institutions who wish to augment their education by enrolling for a period of time at AUC are welcome to take ALNG courses. The courses will fulfill their needs as semester-abroad and year-abroad students, along with their regular courses.


  • Non-degree and study-abroad students should follow the instructions below to assure a smooth registration process:

Fill out and submit the Preliminary Course Planning Form and the Background Form and then you will receive the online exam once you submit the below forms.


Background Form:

Note for international students applying for the ALING through exchange program:

Please be informed that the maximum number of credits for exchange students is 15 for undergraduate and 9 for graduate. Students exceeding the maximum number of credits will have to pay for the extra credits. Please note that it is the responsibility of the exchange students to inform the IPO about the number of Arabic courses/credits that are registered by ALI.