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Attendance Policy
Attendance and participation in class sessions are essential to the educational process in the CAASIC program. This is because students benefit from the lectures and discussions with their teachers and fellow students. If they fail to attend class, they fail to take advantage of an educational opportunity.

1)  Any absence may negatively affect the student's grade by 1 percent for each hour (50 minutes) of absences.
2)  Instructors need not give substitute assignments or examinations to students who miss class.
3)  In case of absence due to illness, an AUC doctor’s certification is needed.
4)  In the event a student misses more than nine hours of absences during a semester for any reason, or the equivalent of nine hours in the summer and the winter sessions, an instructor may:
  • Give a grade of F for the course.
  • Ask the student to drop the course if the absences occur before the last date for dropping classes.
  • May grant the student a grade of I for incomplete work, If six of the nine hours of absences are caused by proven illness or other emergency. In addition, CAASIC students are allowed to finish the coursework within the first month of the following semester.
After the first week of classes, students who wish to withdraw or drop a course have to complete the drop/add form, secure approvals and submit the form to the Office of the Registrar in person. Students must take into consideration the important dates of each semester. The student’s online account will have one of the following grades according to the date of the dropping of courses:
  • W signifying “withdrawn”
  • WP signifying “withdrawn passing”
  • WF signifying “withdrawn failing” 
If a student did not complete the drop process and stopped attending classes, the course grade will be F signifying “fail.”