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Department of Arabic Language Instruction

Mission and Vision

The Department of Arabic Language Instruction (ALI) is the academic unit within AUC responsible for the teaching of the Arabic language. As such, and within the framework of the University’s vision of fostering intercultural understanding, its principal mission is to teach Arabic, primarily as a foreign language. The department’s aim is to continue to provide high-quality, proficiency-oriented Arabic language instruction, at all levels, to students of different interests, backgrounds and careers. 

About the Intensive Program

ALI hosts one of the most acclaimed intensive Arabic language programs in the Arab world. Its distinctiveness lies in the great diversity of its course offerings, the high caliber of its faculty members and its excellent faculty-to-student ratio.

Students are taught Arabic in an integrated, proficiency-oriented program. The program accommodates students at all levels of language proficiency and tailors courses to address their specific purposes. The courses offered are skill-based, focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as content-based, using media, political texts, business and literature among other tools.

An integral part of the intensive program is the cultural dimension. The program includes tours and trips to major Pharaonic, Christian and Islamic monuments inside and outside of Cairo, as well as excursions to local archaeological sites and museums. The visits supplement the coursework and are led by professional guides. ALI subsidizes a large portion of the expenses of this component. The program also includes extracurricular activities including calligraphy, music, Quranic studies, community engagement and more. 

Advantages of Studying at the Department of Arabic Language Instruction  Related Links 
  •     Learn modern standard and colloquial Arabic in an Arabic-speaking country
  •     Fully accredited in Egypt and the United States, with an 80-year history of excellence
  •     Supportive learning environment
  •     Unbeatable sightseeing and travel opportunities
  •     Extracurricular activities provide an opportunity to meet Egyptian students
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