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Arabic Language Intensive Program

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Director: Laila Al-Sawi

The Department of Arabic Language Instruction (ALI) was initially established in 1921 as Related Links the Center for Arabic Studies. It has attracted thousands of students and scholars over the years from different parts of the world to pursue their study of Arabic at various levels. As part of one of the oldest private, accredited, foreign institutions of higher education in the Middle East, ALI continues to be the leading academic center for the study of Arabic, providing both students and faculty with the most comprehensive and diversified Arabic language instruction and training worldwide. It is fully accredited in Egypt and the United States, with an 80-year history of excellence.

The Arabic Language Intensive Program (ALIN) offers intensive Arabic language courses that meet for 20 to 25 contact hours/week offering 12 to 15 credit hours for international students including, but not limited to, professionals, diplomats, scholars, and others needing to gain a broad command of contemporary Arabic as quickly and as effectively as possible. A summer program is also offered in which students can receive 6 to 8 credit hours. ALIN offers courses at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels and infuses its curriculum with content-based courses in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA). Within the communicative approach oriented to target the development of language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), engraved within a cultural dimension, and driven by a critical thinking framework, students use the language functions to possess competence, in relation to their level, in MSA and ECA. ALIN students need to take ALI placement test. . For more information, please email us at

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