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First Day of Classes in Fall 2017 Semester

Date: Sep 6 , 2017

Time: All Day

Lazord Fellowship Regional Retreat

Date: Sep 17 , 2017

Time: All Day

Description: Running since 2010, the Lazord fellowship is a year-long regional program that includes chapters and fellows in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia. Fellows receive trainings provided by local Lazord representative as well as mentorship to help them realize their full potential as responsible leaders.

International Perspectives on Innovation in Solar Energy Lecture

Date: Sep 25 , 2017

Time: All Day

Description: A2K4D in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung is hosting an evening of informal guest lectures from one or two distinguished speakers, entitled International Perspectives on Innovation in Solar Energy. Speakers will share their own experiences of innovation in solar energy, picking up on trends in renewable energy and where the future of renewables lies globally. 

Advanced Management Program

Date: Sep 30 , 2017

Time: All Day


The School of Business Executive Education unit is offering the Advanced Management Program (AMP), which addresses how to manage an organization through uncertain times. It helps participants make a paradigm shift in order to define, weigh, manage and solve problems using an innovative method that can transform them into opportunities.

For registration:

Regional Transportation Conference

Date: Oct 1 , 2017

Time: All Day

Description: A2K4D, in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, will host and facilitate the Regional Transportation Conference, bringing together public transport initiatives from Amman, Beirut and Cairo. The aim of the conference is to share experiences, encourage social initiatives, and mainstream and support efforts related to sustainable public transportation in the region. The conference will also include individuals and groups from select civil society organization, urban planning initiatives, and academic institutions.  

Finance for Non-Finance Managers Program

Date: Oct 10 , 2017

Time: All Day


The comprehensive program of Finance for Non-Finance Managers has been carefully designed to meet the needs of executives and managers who come from nonfinancial backgrounds across the corporate landscape. Both the program and the workshop provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding of key financial principles and practices and empowers them with the tools to effectively interpret and use financial data in the decision-making process in their respective functions of sales, marketing or planning.

For registration:

Access to Knowledge for Development Seventh Annual Workshop

Date: Oct 15 , 2017

Time: All Day

Description: A2K4D is hosting its annual workshop aimed at sharing outputs of A2K4D research in collaboration with their academic partners within various local, regional and international networks. The event will feature Ramesh Subramanian, Visiting ISP Fellow at the Yale Law School, and the Gabriel Ferrucci Professor of Computer Information Systems at the School of Business, Quinnipiac University, Connecticut. Professor Subramanian is also the co-editor of an A2K4D book project on Mobile Technologies and Access to Knowledge which will be presented during the annual workshop. 

Now That You Are Declared (NYD) Fall 2017

Date: Oct 17 , 2017

Time: 1 :00 PM

Description: The NYD Event is designed to introduce newly declared students to their academic and professional development opportunities along with helping them define and understand possible career paths.

Takaful 2017: Sixth Annual Conference on Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement

Date: Oct 18 , 2017

Time: 9:00 AM

Location: AUC New Cairo Campus


Takaful 2017: Sixth Annual Conference on Arab Philanthropy and Civic Engagement "Philanthropy in Transition: Exploring the Paths to SDGs" 

Takaful is an annual regional meeting of scholars, young researchers, policymakers, activists and practitioners in the field of philanthropy and civic engagement, both from inside and outside the Arab region. The conference is structured to encourage interaction between scholarly analysis and lived experience, with the hope of contributing to sound policy and practice in philanthropy and civic engagement.

For more info please follow the link below:

Strategic Marketing Management Program

Date: Oct 22 , 2017

Time: 0:00 AM


School of Business Executive Education's Strategic Marketing Management Program.

Apply here: